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EXCLUSIVE: Presidential Candidate Endorses Startup Visa


Entrepreneurs, investors, startups and their advocates are all hoping that one day soon the startup visa becomes a real thing. “The Startup Visa is a great example of ways immigration leads to innovation…” says 2016 Presidential hopeful John McAfee. McAfee tweeted that message on Sunday morning after tweeting with 500 Startups founder Dave McClure in regards to issues that are important to startup founders and entrepreneurs.

McAfee was a rags to riches entrepreneur finding his way from rural Roanoke Virginia to Silicon Valley, “Hollywood” for engineers and geeks in the late 70s and early 80s. The same holds true today except tenfold.

McAfee officially announced his candidacy Wednesday last week after rumors began leaking via the International Business Times on Tuesday. McAfee, the eccentric millionaire and technology titan is running on a new party he is calling the Cyber Party where all things technology and privacy seem important. That’s where the Startup Visa fits in.

Sources close to the McAfee campaign tell exclusively that matters of immigration are important to the cyber security expert. That includes everything from allowing entrepreneurs to startup here and create jobs here in America, to the “horrible misuse of the TSA” according to sources.

The Startup Visa would allow students from foreign countries, here on an education visa, to stay and work at startups that they founded or co-founded. Currently, many of those engineers and entrepreneurs are forced to take their technology back to their home country where they either turn it into companies there or it gets lost in the way-side. The Startup Visa isn’t about taking jobs away from Americans but rather foreign nationals coming over here legally to start their companies and thus create more jobs.

Allowing those students that create companies, technologies and startups, to stay here after they’ve done so doesn’t just help the student. It helps the local economy and the end result could lead to much greater things.

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