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14 Year Old Comes In 2nd Place In Techstars Competition

Taylor-Rosenthal-Techstars 14 Year Old Comes In 2nd Place In Techstars CompetitionTechstars received thousands of applications for their pitch contests held at Eureka Park during CES 2016. On Friday a dozen companies competed in the Techstars Lifestyle and Digital Health startup pitch competition. Each team had 60 seconds to pitch their company and 3 minutes of Q&A with a panel of esteemed startup judges for the category.

The founders of each company came from a wide variety of backgrounds. Two were French, several were older than 40, others had been serial entrepreneurs for longer than the last contestant had been alive.

The final contestant on Friday was 14 year old Taylor Rosenthal from Opelika Alabama. His company, Recmed First Aid, has created a computerized and robotic vending machine that distributes first aid supplies in high traffic areas for families like parks, sporting events, stadiums, amusement parks and hotels.

The young Rosenthal knows the pain points well. Even at 14 he’s been playing sports, including baseball and football for the last nine years. He also knows the pain of being a child in a multi-child household. His younger sister, Marissa, was on hand at the pitch competition, even getting a chance to try out some brainwave technology as judges tallied votes.

The pain in a multi-sibling household is all too well known to many families. If one kid gets hurt, injured, stung by a bee or scrapes their knee, everyone has to pile in the station wagon or minivan and go home so that the injured child can be tended to.

With Recmed First Aid machines near by parents can quickly treat injuries and get on with their day.

Rosenthal tells us that one of the major amusement park chains hires 60 EMT’s per park per season and 90% of the calls that those EMTs run are “cuts and scrapes”, “very minor injuries”.

The RecMed machine allows parents and guardians to quickly treat injuries and it also has a solid terms of service which includes a hold harmless for the venue where the machine is placed.

Did we mention that Rosenthal is just 14 years old.

Find out more about RecMed First Aid here.