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Tide Spin: Procter & Gamble gets into the on-demand game

Here is something you don’t hear everyday: a company with a market cap of just under $220B is jumping into a space heretofore dominated by startups.  On Monday 1 February 2016, the Chicago Tribune reported on the details of a new service from Tide. The Cincinnati giant Procter & Gamble recently began testing out the Tide Spin laundry and dry clean delivery service inside Chicago.1 The service even comes with a very startup-like website.

Tide-Splash Tide Spin: Procter & Gamble gets into the on-demand game

Tide Spin is a new app-based laundry service powered by one of the strongest household brands in the U.S. We’re focused on simplifying the chore of laundry for our customers. At the touch of a button, your laundry is picked up, cleaned by Tide-trained professionals and brought back to you, meaning laundry time can now be used for the things you’d rather be doing.2

Tide Spin has a pretty reasonable pricing structure: $1.59/lb for wash and fold service, with moderately priced dry cleaning offerings as well. The process is quite simple as well. All of the logistics are handled through the app – pick up location, what services you need, and any special instructions. Upon pickup, clothes are taken to a local Tide Dry Cleaners to be washed, and then returned. The turnaround time is typically two days.3

Tide-Dry-Cleaners Tide Spin: Procter & Gamble gets into the on-demand game

While Tide and Procter & Gamble are hardly the first company to step into the wash & fold delivery service, they are undoubtedly the largest company to do so. While the service is only in Chicago at the moment, it stands to reason that it could quite easily expand to any area with a Tide Dry Cleaners.

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