Nibletz.com, since 2011, “the voice of startups everywhere else”

The pedagogy behind nibletz.com is hinged on a reader focused rubric that has assessed that our cloud based real time curriculum is centered primarily on two main thesis. The first, is that there are in fact startup companies outside of Silicon Valley. The second, that there is new technology in education.  We are a cloud based provider of real time curriculum in these focus areas, that means we are accessible via desktop, laptop, Apple TV, Roku, Kodi Box, Xbox One, PS4, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Toshiba Tablets, Those cheap RCA tablets you can buy at Walmart, Apple Watch, the jumbotron at Fenway Park, iPad, iPhone, smartphones, dumb phones and two soup cans tied to one another as long as there is a wifi connection in between.

As a blog management system (BMS) in the 21st century, we must adhere to the four C’s for a global society.

  • critical thinking: Our writers spend hours researching each and every story, it’s good, we believe that is critical to the success of our 1:1 initiative, we wouldn’t want people reading nibletz over your shoulder.
  • communication: we are writing, you’re reading, you can share with your friends and colleagues using our share buttons,  you can talk back to our writers via the contact button, ah, communication.
  • collaboration: We collaborate with one another, other BMS, events, PR people, and even readers
  • Creativity: you’re reading this aren’t you

Feel free to write us at info@nibletz.com or submit your startup here.