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500 Startups Mexico City: Batch 5 Announced

As we told you in our last post about 500 Startups, the group is no stranger to international investing. From China, to India, to Thailand, to Egypt, to Saudi Arabia, to Qatar, to Brazil, to Mexico, it makes no difference to 500 Startups where a company is located, if you build an awesome product, they will invest. In this international vein, 500 Startups just announced their newest Mexico City Accelerator Class. It is hard to believe that this is already the 5th batch to go through 500 Startups Mexico. Anyhow, here are the members of the newest batch:

BioFab – Peru

BioFab 500 Startups Mexico City: Batch 5 Announced

BioFab has a pretty interesting business. The Peruvian company offers “upper and lower limb prosthetics made with 3d printers, lowering its costs up to 50% and their time of fabrication up to 60%.”1 The company originally began by 3D printing superhero themes prosthetics for children, but soon realized that it was an affordable and effective way to create any prosthetic.

CodePicnic – Peru

CodePicnic 500 Startups Mexico City: Batch 5 Announced

CodePicnic is a quasi-educational coding platform/environment that lets users play with code, right in the browser. Essentially, CodePicnic has built a new tool that eliminates the need for text and image based code/API/software walkthroughs. “Work with real code shown to you in real time while our instructors create it on their editor and even watch their terminals being stream to your screen in real time.”2


Cursos Totales – Peru

Cursos 500 Startups Mexico City: Batch 5 Announced

Cursos totales is a lead generation platform for higher education. Essentially, Cursos totales has built out the “most complete directory of university, graduate and postgraduate study opportunities as well as seminars, conferences and other shorter educational formats,” for South and Central American educational institutions.3

Disenia – Venezuela

Disenia 500 Startups Mexico City: Batch 5 Announced

Disenia is kind of like a Latin American take on Svpply. Disenia is a highly-curated design focused ecommerce website. The company is different from other curated ecommerce platforms in two ways: “First, our curated selection, every product on Disenia is selected by a dedicated team of curators with experience on design stores and art galleries. Second, the user experience, we’ve worked really hard so that our customers can have a seamless, simple, and great user experience through the whole purchasing process and on any device.”4

Expoliter – Colombia

Exploiter 500 Startups Mexico City: Batch 5 Announced

Exploiter is another education-based product. It is a web-based programming education platform that places a particular focus on “ethical hacking.” Exploiter, from what we can tell, is aimed more at the professional field, that is to say its users are more likely IT professionals, rather than first time hackers.

Hitsbook – Spain

HitsBook 500 Startups Mexico City: Batch 5 Announced

Hitsbook is a video engagement platform for brands and companies. The platform is similar to YouTube, in its simplicity, but offers several built in distribution and engagement tools fir brands.

Incluyeme – Argentina

incluyeme 500 Startups Mexico City: Batch 5 Announced

Incluyeme is a Latin America job search platform, aimed specifically at people living with disabilities: “Incluyeme.com is the first job portal aimed to help people with disabilities in Latin America (more than 30 million people) to find a job. We are working with leading companies in Latin America, helping them to show their inclusion programs and get the best talent from people with disabilities.”5

LaMusiquita – Argentina

LaMusiquita 500 Startups Mexico City: Batch 5 Announced

La Musiquita is an online platform for music education. Right now, the platform focuses specifically on the guitar, and has on-demand lessons ranging from beginners level to expert level.

Mission Admission – Mexico

Mission-Admission 500 Startups Mexico City: Batch 5 Announced

Mission Admission is yet another education platform. Mission Admission is a test-prep platform that prepares students for the Mexican CENEVAL test – essentially the Mexican equivalent of the SAT.

Nuvelar – Argentina

Nuvelar 500 Startups Mexico City: Batch 5 Announced

Nuvelar has a unique offering. The company has built a digital signage CMS. In their own words:

Nuvelar CMS is a cloud based Digital Signage Content Management System. This easy-to-use platform enables customers to deliver digital content to every screen they managed. Together with this main service, the Nuvelar Store provides a rich set of inexpensive original contents, styles and templates that help our users to customize by themselves the visual experience they want to provide to the public.6

RocketJourney – Mexico

Rocket-Journey 500 Startups Mexico City: Batch 5 Announced

RocketJourney is a fitness/workout app. The app offers a few distinct differences to the current offerings though:

  1. Simple verification system. Gamification without verification is lame, that’s why we verify activities via GPS and/or wearable integration.
  2. Teams. We are not an open social network. Most people don’t want to share their progress photos and stats with the world, only with their friends and people they trust. Our social model revolves around teams.
  3. All fitness activities. Friends do different activities and even individuals like to mix it up. We offer interfaces for all fitness activities.7

Ropanroll – Argentina

Ropanroll 500 Startups Mexico City: Batch 5 Announced

Ropanroll is pretty straightforward: it is an ecommerce marketplace to buy and sell gently used childrens’ clothing.

Skydrop – Mexico

SkyDrop 500 Startups Mexico City: Batch 5 Announced

Skydrop is an on-demand bike courier service. It is set up very much like Uber, but instead of rides, you are buying shipping.

ThinkParametric – Mexico

ThinkParametric 500 Startups Mexico City: Batch 5 Announced

ThinkParametric is another education platform – maybe a theme developing? Anyhow, ThinkParametric is focused on the architecture industry, and offers courses that focus on the cutting edge technology. The problem, for academia, is that many of these new programs and techniques are so new, that there has not been enough time to develop class material. That’s where ThinkParametric comes in. They offer classes in:

  • Parametric Modelling
  • BIM
  • Digital Fabrication
  • Scripting and Software Development
  • Simulation & Analysis
  • Data Mining8

And last, but certainly not least, Batch 5 of 500 Startups Mexico City is rounded out by:

Uniko DF – Mexico

Uniko 500 Startups Mexico City: Batch 5 Announced

Uniko is an online wedding registry:

Uniko DF is a wedding registry that allows couples to exchange received gifts for cash directly into their bank account. Everything happens through the website. We generate a profile for the couples, they create their weeding git list (they can personalize gifts or experiences) and share with their guests.9

There you have it, Batch 5 of 500 Startups Mexico City. Batch 5 will be in session for the next four months. We will keep you updated with any an all news concerning this batch of startups.

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