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These 9 Startups Are Accelerating At South Carolina’s Iron Yard

The 4th cohort at South Carolina’s Iron Yard accelerator kicked off earlier this month. The 9 health and wellness startups are participating in the Iron Yard’s second digital health accelerator cohort.

With this cohort the Iron Yard has attracted startups that are a little further along than previous groups. Several of the companies already have recurring revenue, most have live products and all of them are beyond the concept stage. This will give the Iron Yard, their mentor network and even alumni, the opportunity to help craft real world skills that will take all of the companies to the next level.  Two of the startups are founded by alumni of the Iron Yard’s; Iron Yard Academy, their full time code school.

In addition to the resources of Iron Yard’s vast mentor network, Layered Tech is sponsoring two “floating founders”; a resident software engineer and a resident graphic designer who will both help all of the teams through the program.

This cohort includes:

aHoyDoc: An online chat service that allows potential patients visiting a physician’s website to ask questions or request an appointment to a trained professional representative that will assist them in real time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Apothesource ­ Apothesource develops consumer­focused healthcare systems designed to simplify medication management. The Apothesource Service Platform & Pill­Fill Mobile App integrate unstructured consumer health data (e.g. from pharmacies, PBMs, patient portals, and other sources) into coherent patient­specific health records automatically, virtually eliminating the need for user­driven data entry and upkeep. Paired with expert clinical services, Apothesource is providing healthcare consumers with accessible solutions which promise to improve long­term medication adherence & patient engagement.

BEE RESILIENT ­ specializing in the creation and distribution of behavioral health education products. The platform cross­pollinates medical research, evidence­based programs, educators and vetted professionals in an effort to build behavioral health disease resilience in all youth.

Excep Apps ­ Mobile applications for individuals with special needs. The first product is built for children with autism. Their app is focused on boosting academic achievement, building social skills, strengthening appropriate behavior, and assisting communication needs for the classroom, therapy, medical settings and everyday life.

Hats Off Tech ­ NavAssist, the team’s first patient navigation development, is a mobile platform for connected care that facilitates care and communication between cancer patients and their families, navigators and physicians.

iClinical: Mobile platform for clinical trial analytics and data collection. Tablet based data collection platform enables powerful and customized analytics for clinical trials in the healthcare market.

Intention Technology ­ Developing medical algorithms to assist in the early diagnosis of disease. Our algorithms are the engine behind Team BioScanR, our entry in the international Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE competition. Our non­invasive medical diagnostic­tool will enable home­based diagnosis of 15 different diseases, such as pneumonia and coronary artery disease. 

Rally Fit ­ Leveraging the power of wearable activity tracking devices (ie. Fitbit, Jawbone, Withings) through an all­inclusive social media web application. Motivate family and friends to track and encourage healthy lifestyle choices. Energize business groups and athletic teams through competitive group fitness. Rally Fit allows users and groups to create challenges based on movement metrics and time periods; then share them socially.

Recovr ­ Research, develop, and distribute virtual therapy games to improve the daily lives of people recovering from a stroke. Their first product is an interactive stroke rehabilitation game that patients use via XBox gaming system. Their patient focused games create an enjoyable, effective therapy experience that is customizable to individual therapy needs; motivates patients to complete the extended therapy needed for recovery; and can be used both in rehabilitation clinics or directly in patients’ homes.

Rally Fit and Excep Apps are the two startups founded by Iron Yard Academy alumni.

The Iron Yard will hold demo days in Silicon Valley September 22-24 and hold their local demo day in Spartanburg South Carolina October 2nd. Starthwhereuare will be on hand to bring you all the news from the South Carolina demo day.

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