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Australian Accelerator Taking Applications Now

AngelCube-2 Australian Accelerator Taking Applications NowWith more and more accelerators in the world, it wouldn’t be too far fetched to think that a rock solid startup team with a great product idea and the ability to execute could have their pick of great locations to join a thriving immersive accelerator program.

Whether you want delicious BBQ, the history of music and to rub elbows with the people who started The Holiday Inn and Autozone, in Memphis for Start.Co programs, or the blue Hawaiian waters of Blue Startups in Hawaii or how about going to the land down under.

That’s exactly with the team at Melbourne Australia based AngelCube are hoping you decide to do, especially if you’re an exceptional team.

AngelCube has been around since 2011, so before being an accelerator was cool and hip. They’ve put some great teams through their summer long program which this year starts May 29th with their first Demo Day in September.

AngelCube startups will get mentored by Australian and US entrepreneurs, venture capitalist and startup founders. Then, at the end of the session AngelCube will hold demo days in Melbourne, Sydney, San Francisco and New York City.

“AngelCube’s mission is to help the startup ecosystem by producing founders and startups that make their mark on the global stage, and set an example for others in the ecosystem to follow.” Nathan Sampimon, AngelCube founder told StartupSmart.

AngelCube startups get results, especially considering they aren’t anchored to one of the coasts.  Last year for instance AngelCube grad LiFX closed a $12 million dollar Series A round from Sequoia Capital while Coinjar opened an office in the United Kingdom.

Sampimon and the AngelCube team aren’t just looking for the next big product or the next big exit. They aren’t even looking for the next big internet of things, what they are focused on is “exceptional teams”.

“Most startups will pivot during the program, maybe even a few times, so ambitious, technical teams with the resilience to survive and thrive in this environment are what we’re looking for.” Sampimon said.

“We don’t just want a high level crazy idea, with no evidence of viability, or no indication that there’s something of substance there.” he added.

You can find out more about AngelCube here.