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Possible DOD Employee Goes Beyond Cyber Security, With Cyber Defense and ThreatCare

threatcare-atxstartupweek-top Possible DOD Employee Goes Beyond Cyber Security, With Cyber Defense and ThreatCareVeteran Marcus Carey Can’t Confirm Nor Deny He Worked For The NSA For 8 Years, But He Can Talk About His Bunker Labs’ Startup, ThreatCare

Marcus Carey spent his career in the military and the public sector in cryptography and cyber defense. He admitted that when he “may or may not have” worked for the National Security Agency he spent a lot of free time at the national cryptography museum at Fort Meade. Now a lot of people are familiar with the Spy Museum in downtown Washington DC. It’s a glitzy place glorifying the James Bond’s and Dick Tracy’s of the world. The National Cryptography museum is more academic, factual and “a lot more geeky” the entrepreneur admitted.

Carey spent his entire public life creating and breaking unbreakable codes. That’s where the idea for ThreatCare started to surface.

You may be familiar with “White Hack” hackers. Those are typically hacker types that have decided to use their hacking prowess to do good and help companies with their cyber defense strategies. White hack hacking is about getting into a network or system. For the most part, it shows where the weaknesses are in a company’s network, that allow intruders in. There’s a layer beyond that, which can be far more dangerous.

When you think back to the big Target hack in 2013, those hackers went in through a back door, laid low and did a lot of things in the network undetectable by typical commercial cyber security software.

Carey’s startup, ThreatCare, automates hacking and other cyber security breaches to insure that your defenses are up to par.  ThreatCare’s Violet platform is the world’s first virtual purple team professional. “Violet combines Red Team and Blue Team activities, forming a “Purple Team” — which is where Violet’s name comes from.” the company says.

Their machine learning and neuro-linguistic programming abilities have dubbed it the “Alexa for security”.

ThreatCare does intrusion simulation and from inside your system continually diagnosis issues within your cybersecurity program to make your organization more resilient to attacks.

Carey draws on his experience in the public sector both in the Navy and at NSA, along with his team of super cyber defenders to insure that businesses who have invested hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars, into their cyber-security program, are actually protected.

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