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EnrichHer Is Enriching Women Entrepreneurs

Codelaunch Finalist EnrichHer Enriches Women Entrepreneurs

Lately in America we’ve had some big reminders of how far off we really are when it comes to equality. The recent exposure of how rampant the sexual harassment culture is in Silicon Valley is just the tip of the iceberg. When you peek below the surface what you’ll find is how far off investment in women led companies is than their male counterparts. Mix in women of color and the numbers are even lower.

It’s something that needs to be talked about. But we all know that do-ing is far more valuable than talking and that’s why Dr. Roshawnna Novellus created EnrichHer.

EnrichHer is a community, a movement and a platform that’s propping women up across the country. EnrichHer does this through three main initiatives, EnrichHer Spark, EnrichHer University and EnrichHer Capital.

  • EnrichHer Spark are in person conference initiatives that are designed to help entrepreneurs with coaching, capital and connections. Through content, sessions and networking with influential mentors, investors and founders, the EnrichHer experience allows women to tap into a bigger network.
  • EnrichHer University includes educational courses designed by the company to provide entrepreneurs with the information they need to succeed. Enrichher has assembled an impressive faculty of business leaders and mentors from across the country. They’re designed to enlighten a wide range of entrepreneurs on their startup and business journey
  • EnrichHer Capital is a crowdfunding network to help women founders raise money through the JOBS act for equity.

Last week Novellus took to the stage at the Dr. Pepper arena as a finalist in Code Launch 5. Although plagued by technical problems outside of her control, the self made entrepreneur delivered an impressive pitch that highlighted all the aspects of EnrichHer. Novellus’s personal drive made it possible for her to raise thousands of dollars to further her education and set her on this entrepreneurial path.

Although she didn’t win, Novellus got a lot out of the CodeLaunch experience “During the event, I was able to spread the word about EnrichHER and grow our network to include potential investors, advocates, and customers. This was truly a win in my eyes. As my team and I continue to move forward your support is instrumental in helping EnrichHER pivot to the next level.” she told

Check out her pitch video above and for more info go to

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