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Here Are The Five Startups Accelerating At Lincoln’s NMotion

These Five Startups Are Accelerating In NMotion’s Spring 2017 Co-Hort

nmotion-top Here Are The Five Startups Accelerating At Lincoln's NMotion

Five new startups took up residence at the NMOtion accelerator in Lincoln Nebraska last month. After an exhaustive search, and hundreds of applications, five teams were selected for the program that kicked off May 8th.  The five companies received a seed investment and will work with over 100 mentors across the country. They also receive a global pool of resources powered by the Global Accelerator Network.  To date, NMOtion has accelerated 26 portfolio companies.

In gearing up for this year’s cohort the NMotion accelerator team, led by Beth McKeon, added another staff member, Program Manager, Keevin O’Rourke. They also embarked on a multi-city road trip that helped them identify some of the best startups in the region.

“This year, we were very intentional about recruiting startups at the right stage for our accelerator. We searched both locally and beyond Nebraska, which resulted in one of the strongest application pools we’ve seen. We’re confident that the selected startups are going to thrive in the program we’ve built this year.” McKeon said.

The startups for this cohort come from power sports, marketing tech, medical tech and enterprise software. Geographically, they come from Lincoln, Omaha, Milwaukee and Minneapolis.

Each startup will use the 90 days of the program starting on May 8th to work with teams and mentors to test and validate the market, build and prototype their solutions, and prepare for a demo day showcase to be held on August 10th in Lincoln.

Here are the five startups:

  • T’Work – online tool rental marketplace
  • Kronfeld Motors – developing a new powersports vehicle
  • Kiai – artificial intelligence for SEO
  • fyiio – training platform for companies
  • Health Snaps – patient engagement platform for physical therapists.

While all five startups look to disrupt their respective spaces, Kroonfield Motors is working on something that we found out of this world coo, the Raht Racer. This hybrid, kinetic energy/electric vehicle allows the rider to pedal the vehicle at highway speeds  We’ve got to make sure we make it to their demo day on August 10th 2017.

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