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Florida Atlantic University Announces Largest Accelerator Class In Program History

Did Lane Kiffin Attract More Startups To Florida Atlantic University?

FAU-Runway-top Florida Atlantic University Announces Largest Accelerator Class In Program History

It’s highly doubtful that University of Alabama’s former offensive coordinator and new Florida Atlantic Head Coach Lane Kiffin, actually had anything to do with startup activity increasing at the Boca Raton area university. It’s probably the weather, climate, culture and resources that surround the South Florida campus that’s signaled a rise an entrepreneurship year over year.

Florida Atlantic University’s Tech Runway accelerator program just announced their fifth startup class and it’s the largest yet. They also received the most applications this year, in program history.

This year,four of the companies selected for the program will receive $25,000 in a non equity grant and participate in the 16 week cohort based accelerator program.  Another 16 startups will participate in the program but not receive the funding.

Since 2014 FAU’s Tech Runway Program has created 200 jobs and 130 internships. The startups that have been through the program have generated $8 million dollars in revenue according to the South Florida Business Journal. 

The four startups receiving grants are:

· Videopura LLC, a company with patent-pending technologies aimed at reducing the bandwidth necessary for video services.

· Tap2Open LLC, a tool designed to provide secure access to gated communities via smart devices.

· Ridgeback Network Defense Inc., an enterprise network security service that works to rethink how cybersecurity can be executed to keep online data safe.

· Hubspring Health, a software company founded by physicians focused on providing a cure for chronic conditions and enabling health care organizations to revamp their systems with new technology.

“A record number of companies entered the 2017 FAU Tech Runway Launch Competition,” said Rhys L. Williams, FAU’s associate VP for research and the managing director for FAU Tech Runway. “They significantly raised the bar, in terms of their quality and breadth represented.”

To date, 12 area companies have gone through  the FAU Tech Runway program. Previous alumni, along with local business leaders and FAU staff participate as mentors in the venture program.