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Intel Partners With HD3 For Discovery Day In New Mexico

IntelInside Intel Partners With HD3 For Discovery Day In New MexicoWhen you flip through the pages of most high profile startup and technology blogs, you don’t typically find stories about New Mexico. I’ve actually always loved New Mexico. Anyone that’s personally known me for years knows that we drive to CES every year and part of that drive is through New Mexico and a stop at Russell’s Truck Stop, but that’s a discussion for another day.

Two years ago on our trek out to CES we stopped in New Mexico to see what was brewing with startups and entrepreneurship and believe it or not, now, in 2015 things are thriving. Just last week we reported that the New Mexico Angels are launching a second Startup Factory in March. That was based on an 85% success rate at the first Startup Factory (that’s a whole lot when it comes to startups).

Now we’re hearing, by way of the Albuquerque Journal (and I spelled that without looking btw), that the High Desert Discovery District (HD3), is partnering with Intel, for a Discovery Day that some fortunate founders won’t soon forget.

While leaving your hometown is something that most kids do after graduating high school, college or graduate school, New Mexico is doing a good job of trying to re-attract those millennials that may have migrated elsewhere, back to New Mexico. Events like this Discover Day are part of that.

“The two-day event offers millennials a place to share innovations and discoveries, and learn about commercialization and startup opportunities in New Mexico.” Michelle Miller the CEO of HD3 said in this article. 

“The event is expected to attract postdoctoral students working in our national laboratories, graduate level and undergraduate students in our universities, students in trade and community colleges, and other millennial-age entrepreneurs or innovators with marketable ideas.” Miller Said. 

Entrepreneurs can apply to make a 30 minute presentation to a closed group during the two day event happening February 25-26 at the Rio Rancho Intel Campus. Interested entrepreneurs can get the selection here. 

The deadline to apply is tomorrow, February 11, 2015.