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Wait An Accelerator Too? Who Wants To Be Mentored By John McAfee

John McAfee, the name and brains behind McAfee anti-virus is one of the genius’ of technology. While much more modest in person, the eccentric technologist was able to grasp onto the concept of computer virus’ before they even surfaced. After convincing people the idea wasn’t crazy he started the McAfee anti virus brand which created the anti virus category, again before there were even viruses.

McAfee is also lesser known for creating an equally as important and possibly even more adapted technology, instant messaging. His company, Tribal Voice which became PowWow predated even AOL Instant Messenger, at a time when McAfee again was thought to be crazy. “No one would want to send text messages to each other”, naysayers said.

Now, McAfee is making his return to technology through Future Tense Central and Autonomous Armor.

McAfee is acting as both a moderator and speaker for the “H Conference” #hcon ( happening just south of Atlanta in Opelika Alabama April 14th-16th. The lineup also includes Atari Founder, Nolan Bushnell and Bitcoin pioneer Brock Pierce, with more to be announced.

Just as he was with the anti-virus industry, McAfee is again ahead of the curve on a new concept that’s being dubbed Autonomous Armor, think privacy 2.0.

Recent research studies from both Harvard and Stanford have revealed that social media elements as simple as likes on Facebook, can provide insights into people’s emotions and behavior. Information like that, in the wrong hands, is far worse than all of your credit and debit card information posted on a paste-bin site.

Life hacking, combined with social hacking and even neurolinguistic programming, could be disastrous.

Unlike the days of McAfee antivirus though, John sees the value in the wave of startups that are upon us. McAfee recently told ABC affiliate WTVM that if there were startup collaborative spaces, incubators and accelerators back in his day he would “Rule The World” he said with a chuckle. But in all seriousness McAfee, who teamed with serial entrepreneur and Round House founder Kyle Sandler along with Future Tense Central’s Tom Gusinski formed Autonomous Armor to prevent people’s personal information from leading to the wrong people “ruling the world”.

The same trio in collaboration with The Round House have announced Locomotive a 12 week cohort based accelerator that will take place in Opelika Alabama from April 22-July 24th. The Round House is built on Opelika’s 1gb fiber pipe so naturally they’re looking for big data startups and startups that feel they are part of Autonomous Armor and Privacy 2.0. Those startups will have top shelf mentoring from The Round House mentor network which includes McAfee, Bushnell, Jason Lucash, Brock Pierce and more. In fact the mentor network behind Locomotive is unparalleled outside of Silicon Valley, period.

Each team will get $15,000 in seed capital for 6 points. There will be an option for another tranche towards the end of the session.

Applications for Locomotive are live here at