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12 Startups From Across The Globe Chosen For Norway’s Katapult Accelerator

Katapult Accelerator Announces 12 Startups For 2017 Cohort

katapult-accelerator-top 12 Startups From Across The Globe Chosen For Norway's Katapult Accelerator

Norway is absolutely beautiful. Culturally, it’s an eye opening country to visit. We visited there twice for press events for Opera, the web browser. While Norway isn’t always thought of as a tech hub there are definitely a lot of tech companies based there. In 2015 50 out of the top 500 (so 10%) of the fastest growing tech companies outside of the United States called Norway home.

Katapult accelerator was able to attract over 1000 applications for their three month cohort based accelerator program. This cohort began yesterday and twelve startups from across the globe were selected.

They will follow a unique and tailored three-month programme and curriculum. Katapult will help scale their innovations by mentoring, training and providing them with valuable support. Katapult Accelerator also provides a network of additional investors that can boost the start-ups in their next phase of development, including a partnership with the Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator (ERA) in New York City. Each start-up will also receive USD 100,000 as start-up capital. 

Here are the 12 startups:

Agrieye, Ukraine

Agrieye is an AI based solution to support farming efficiency. Service provides advice on quality and quantity of fertilisers (nutrition) and plant protection chemicals needed to grow crops efficiently supporting farmers through growth cycles. This is done with a neural network, cloud platform, drones and 6-band multispectral cameras.

Choose, Norway

Chooose offers instant carbon neutrality (based on average emission per person in your country) by buying and deleting CO2 quotas.

CodersTrust, Bangladesh / Denmark

CodersTrust helps people learn how to code. It provides you with the technical skillset as well as mentoring from award-winning freelancers.

BEAD, Turkey

BEAD is an IoT system that helps commercial building managers to optimise their energy consumption and operation with AI by adopting the daily cycle and occupancy of the building with the buildings automated system.

ImpactMapper, USA

ImpactMapper is an online software tool that provides data analytics for fast-tracking social change through its all-in-one data repository, data analysis and visualisation features.

IntelFlows, Estonia / Romania / Denmark

IntelFlows is building a Network of Moving Sensors to gather data on Air Quality and visualise the Air Pollution levels within cities. IntelFlows seeks to create the most complex map of air pollution.

Needslist, USA

Needslist is a platform where you can meet refugees’, and people who have experienced natural disasters needs by providing goods rather than sending cash to organisations. A new and innovative way of helping!

OTTAA, Argentina

OTTAA is an augmentative communication platform for speech impaired people. The platform uses images and environmental data to allow the user to create and voice out sentences in a swift and efficient manner.

Sensewaves, France

Sensewaves has built two Adaptix solutions that are used to analyse and optimise, electricity and energy usage. Sensewaves uses IoT and AI in order to do their analysis.

SheKab, Pakistan

SheKab is a carpool monthly subscription based platform for working women in Pakistan who have a dangerous commute to work. SheKab is aiming to provide working women with a cheaper and safer transportation.

Sky.Garden, Denmark / Kenya

Sky.Garden is a SaaS platform for mobile commerce that is built specifically for African businesses. With their platform, businesses can sell any product to defined audiences on digital channels with ease.

Smart Plants, Norway

Smart Plants is extracting data from all the customer’s physical assets, from machinery to ventilation systems and converts it into actionable information and accelerates lean improvements. It is achieved with AI.

“These start-ups are helping us see how we can use exponential technologies like artificial intelligence to improve the state of the world, the environment, education, health or other fields. We selected the start-ups based on their novel approach to using exponential technologies and for their potential to become successful businesses,” says Anders H. Lier, Chairman and co-founder of Katapult Accelerator. 

Find out more about Katapult here.