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MassChallenge Says Hello To Another 128 Startups

The unofficial beginning of the summer, for the past several years, has coincided with the official start to one of the largest accelerator programs in the world, MassChallenge.

The MassChallenge accelerator is a highly sought after program, as it should be having helped launch over 600 startups. Those startups have gone on to raise just shy of $1 billion dollars (with a b). Not many programs outside of say 500 startups, and YCombinator can boast those kind of results. Add to that the fact that MassChallenge doesn’t take any equity and startups accepted into the program are in a win-win situation.

Startups selected for the MassChallenge programs will get free office space in their Seaport headquarters or in their London office. Hardware startups will get free access to the MADE MassChallenge Hardware Lab which can facilitate creating prototypes and manufacturing products.

Here are the 128 startups selected for this year’s program:

To date the MassChallenge alumni have created over 5,000 jobs and produced 30 acquisitions.