MassChallenge Tries New Model With Pulse@MassChallenge

Pulse@MassChallenge Logical Step After Acceleration

pulse-masschallenge MassChallenge Tries New Model With Pulse@MassChallengeMassChallenge in Boston Massachusetts is one of the longest running and most respected accelerators in the country. They tend to take a back seat in the limelight to the likes of YC or Techstars, well because they’re grinding through 100s of companies per year. Some of their more famous alumni include Ministry of Supply, Her Campus and Relay Rides.

While the normal MassChallenge program continues, they are looking at other complimentary models to help move startups from that accelerator stage to the next level. Sometimes after a three or four month cohort based program, startups can go even further by continuing to have the structure and support they are familiar with.

Enter Pulse@MassChallenge

Last week MassChallenge announced the 31 startups that would be participating in the new digital health lab Pulse@MassChallenge. Eight of the companies that went through the main MassChallenge program are continuing on with Pulse@MassChallenge. There were more than 430 applicants form around the world, xconomy reports. 

Although only 8 of the startups went through MassChallenge, the Pulse@MassChallenge program is the logical next step. It’s also a great stepping stone for the other startups that may have come from other accelerators or straight out of the garage. Pulse@MassChallenge is a purpose driven program. They will match each of the startups with a partner organization like hospitals, insurance companies, larger tech companies, non-profits, government entities or any other naturally fitting organization. In these partnerships each of the startups will work together with the partner on a mutually agreed upon objective in the six month period.

Many accelerator organizations have been testing out longer cohort sessions or programs similar to Pulse@MassChallenge that help startups post accelerator.

“In many ways, Pulse@MassChallenge acts as a critical next step for digital health startups engaged in our early-stage accelerators around the world,” said Nick Dougherty, Pulse@MassChallenge program director, in an e-mail message to Xconomy. “We’re really looking forward to seeing some familiar faces and providing the level of support that later-stage companies in the space need to succeed.”

Pulse@MassChallenge will run from January to June and is based in 8,000 square feet at the Hatch Fenway Offices in the Landmark Center in Boston.