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NMotion Accelerator Applications Almost Closed

NMotion, a Lincoln, Nebraska based startup accelerator program, is just about to wrap up their application process for this years cohort. But fear not, you still have a few days to get in your application. The applications close on March 9th. You can apply through F6S. NMotion has a few target markets, however: agriculture, education, finance/insurance, healthcare, human resources, and sports technologies.1 The Lincoln accelerator is a member of the Global Accelerator Network (GAN), which adds greatly to both the size of their investor network, as well as the amount of added perks. The terms of the accelerator are:

$15k per team provided from associated angel investors and Invest Nebraska in exchange for 6% equity stake in the company.2

Pretty standard stuff. When you add in the GAN benefits – Microsoft Azure Credits, SoftLayer Hosting Services, PayPal Transaction Credits, Rackspace Hosting Credits it looks like a pretty good deal. If you are interested, and live in the area, NMotion is hosting a few events leading up to the closing of the application process.

On February 23, NMotion will be hosting An Evening at NMotion. This event is aimed at sharing more info, and giving startups/founders a chance to experience what the accelerator will be like:

If you’re even thinking about applying, you don’t want to miss this chance to meet NMotion mentors, alumni, and staff. Find out the inside scoop about NMotion, practice your elevator pitch, get feedback and ask questions. Find out how to get in and how to get the most out of it if you’re selected.3

n NMotion Accelerator Applications Almost Closed


On February 26th, the NMotion crew will be co-hosting an event at Gravitate, a coworking space in Des Moines, Iowa. This event has more of a regional flair, as teams from all the Midwest’s top accelerators will be there. Teams from NMotion, Iowa Startup Accelerator, StraightShot, Global Insurance Accelerator, and Sprint Accelerator will be in attendance.

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