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RealCo Accelerator Gets It, First App Deadline Is April 1st

Realco “The #1 Startup Accelerator For B2B Startups” Truly Gets It.

Realco-top RealCo Accelerator Gets It, First App Deadline Is April 1st

San Antonio is another reason that Texas has uprooted California as the number one state in the country for startup activity. Of course everyone thinks Silicon Valley, but Texas, has not one, or two, or even three entrepreneurial hubs, but four. Austin, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio all have amazing resources for startups and the entrepreneurial backstory to back it. There are also several shoulder cities with entrepreneurial activity.

San Antonio is home to Rackspace and for three years Rackspace served as the hub for the Startup Bus on the way down to Austin for South By Southwest.

San Antonio also has a great coworking space and seed stage startup fund in Geekdom.

Michael Gridley, a force behind startups and early stage investing in San Antonio has teamed up with Teresa Evans and Chris Saum to open an accelerator. But this isn’t any typical accelerator. RealCo makes a big claim in calling itself the “The #1 Accelerator For B2B Startups” but there are several reasons we’re confident they will live up to it.

Proven Experience

Gridley, Evans and Saum are all seasoned entrepreneurs and investors. They’ve been in the trenches with the startups in San Antonio over the last several years. Gridley is the co-founder of Geekdom and the San Antonio Angel Network.  He actually made a significant amount of money selling fireworks. Now he brings the fireworks in the form of helping early stage companies as well as developing future engineers through Codeup.

Saum got his start in the oil, gas and energy sector. He spun a startup out of UT in Austin that created a technology to show oil companies the best places to dig and frack. That startup was recently acquired.

Evans has an interesting background. She received her PhD in 2014 and proceeded to develop a system to help scientists find their place in the commercial world. Through this experience she developed a vast mentor network. She’s applying this experience as well as her experience as a trained scientist to RealCo. After all the key to successful startups in continually hypothesizing.

The experience as well as their extensive network has allowed them to create a program that is set up for success. They’ve been able to see what works, and what doesn’t at other programs.

Long Term Rolling Accelerator

Most accelerator programs are 9-12 weeks. You get accepted, get a small seed investment, and prepare for a demo day at the end of the session. This model works great in most places, but in some, it equates to “teaching the test”. Startups get into a program and from day one all the talk is about demo day and investor pitches. Product issues, user experience issues and business development issues often fall to the wayside because “we can fix that after demo day”. Unfortunately for many startups in accelerator program, demo day ends and they don’t get back to fixing those issues.

“I’m glad you used that school analogy” Evans said by phone. “I’ve used the same analogy, we often equate RealCo to home schooling, working at your own pace”.

With that emphasis on truly developing the startup you can see why we believe that RealCo is poised for success.

RealCo’s first application deadline is April 1st, however after the first group starts they will add more startups quarterly. RealCo is looking for the best of the best startups, globally that cater to the B2B market. They are already helping an international startup relocate to San Antonio.

Legitimate funding

RealCo is investing $125,000  into their accelerator startups. That’s a substantial investment as far as accelerators outside Silicon Valley go. With that kind of monetary commitment, startups can rest assured that they are going to have the help they need throughout the program.

The program is backed by the Geekdom fund and they hope to accelerate between 3-5 startups at a time. This gives them the bandwidth to really drill down and get these companies to the next level.

You can apply for RealCo here at