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Uploaded: If You’re Ready Here’s The Trailer For Season 2 Of Silicon Valley

Silicon-Valley-Cast-Logo Uploaded: If You're Ready Here's The Trailer For Season 2 Of Silicon ValleyWhen everyone tuned into see Silicon Valley, the latest from the brilliant mind of Mike Judge, they weren’t sure what to expect. Now that season 1 is “in the can” so to speak and season 2 is right around the corner we know that it’s a solid show, something you can easily binge watch with a fridge full of Red Bull and 32ml of vaping liquid.

Probably the two biggest questions I ever get asked from people outside of my world are 1) Is Google really like that and 2) are startups really like that show “Silicon Valley”. A resounding yes, as I belch out another Coke Zero infused do-ri-me-fa-so-la-ti-do, and I assure you I don’t keep mentioning these brands for spiffs in my very own startup space. 

What’s life like in an accelerator? It’s emotional, it’s long, it’s hard work, it’s tiring and it’s fun. There’s no definitive rules and in this case more than any other, only the strong survive.

What’s life like for a startup? Is TechCrunch Disrupt really like that? I just recently had a colleague of mine binge watch Silicon Valley and then check out a handful of real TechCrunch Disrupt videos and low and behold there were several instances of my pretty face on TechCrunch videos in various years. So yes, TechCrunch Disrupt is really like that.

So “Silicon Valley” does a pretty good job of dramatically chronicling the lives of startup founders. Pretty much the same way they infuse comedy into the mundane lives of office workers in “The Office” I promise you I would ask office workers if life in the office was really like “The office” but alas I don’t think anyone I know, except for perhaps, my mother, works in a traditional office.

So here you go, take a look at the epic trailer for Season 2 of Silicon Valley which begins April 12th. Indiewire reports that the song in the background is most definitely “Drinking & Smoking” By Danny Brown.