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18 Shopping Days Left Until Application Close At Sputnik

sputnik-top 18 Shopping Days Left Until Application Close At SputnikAustin’s Maker Centric Startup Accelerator, Sputnik, Is Taking Applications Until Christmas Day (December 25th).

If you’ve been thinking about making the move to the Silicon Valley of the south, now may be the time. Sputnik, Austin’s newest startup accelerator, has an open application call going on now through December 25th. That should be really easy to remember.

If you’re an elf building a maker based startup and already have a minimum viable product then you’re pretty much eligible to apply. You’ll experience winter in Austin, which is both beautiful and weird, during the 100 day program that begins in January 2018. Sputnik is looking for maker based startups that are within 300 miles of Austin (so Dallas, San Antonio and Houston startups are definitely encouraged to apply), or if you’re willing to relocate your team to Austin, you can apply as well (who wouldn’t want to move to Austin).

Austin is home to a thriving startup scene. They host the largest annual Startup Week in the nation and have had plenty of startup successes and exits. Recently there has been an influx of collaboration as well between the startup ecosystems in Austin and the other major hubs in Texas. Austin is an amazing city and it’s just a day trip away from San Antonio, home of the Spurs, Houston, home of the World Champion Houston Astros and Dallas (there’s no team worth writing here).

Once chosen, the startups will each come to Austin for 100 days beginning in Jan. 2018 for classes, mentoring and funding guidance. Sputnik ATX will provide office space for up to four members as well as a $100,000 investment via SAFE note. At the end of the three-month curriculum, participating startups have an opportunity to present their product and company to  a panel of investors to vie for additional investments and funding.

Sputnik is focused on early stage companies, rather than proto-companies, like some incubators and accelerators. Sputnik ATX is perfect for a company that already has the minimum viable product and really needs help with product/service marketing and sales.

“The word ‘Sputnik’ means companion in Russian, and it describes exactly what we have created our accelerator to do — partner with and mentor the startups we fund,” said Oksana Malysheva, co-founder of Sputnik ATX​. “We are passionate about accelerating these companies through our program with us; and believe that the combination of capital, rigor, education and mentoring that Sputnik offers​ ​will provide the best opportunity for success for our class.”

“We are obsessed with helping startups get sales and market traction,” said Joe Merrill, co-founder. “This includes a focus on basic sales skills, as well as marketing and product marketing/development. Oksana and I have a very complementary skill set, ​in addition to more than two decades of investing and startup experience, I am an economist and former US Diplomat and Oksana is a physicist, a marketer and management consultant. Our professional experiences span many different areas, and between the two of us, we probably know something about almost every industry – at least enough to be dangerous. We have deep experience in education, fintech, agriculture, manufacturing and retail.”

For anyone who’s been to Austin, and that’s a lot of you considering SXSW is there every year, it’s like no other startup community in the country. They all really, genuinely get a long with each other, which as entrepreneurs and founders can be refreshing. That’s even the case at Sputnik.

“We don’t see ourselves as competition with anyone here in Austin,” said Malysheva. “Rather, different accelerators commonly support and invest in the same startups, becoming less traditional ‘competitors’ and developing camaraderie in the entrepreneurial world.”

Sputnik is holding an open house and get to know you barbecue event Monday December 11th at 1:00pm. Come feel the vibe first hand, and eat great bbq. For more information on this even visit this Facebook page.

Find out more about Sputnik and get our application on here at 

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