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Tech Startups Have a New Option

A startup business is a tricky one to navigate. You need to have a solid viable product or service and enough people to believe in that product or service. Sometimes those two things don’t match up. So, if you find yourself in the tech sector wondering what your next startup will be, you need to look at graphene sheets!

The Rise of Graphene

Graphene has become the “it” word in the tech world. Stronger than steel and yet very pliable, graphene can prove to be a game changer in every business sector you could possibly imagine. The sheets themselves add a level of flexibility that wasn’t seen in the original creation. There are so many practical applications, that it’s hard to ignore graphene and would it could do for you to get in on the excitement as a startup.

Real Life Applications

What are the potential uses for graphene? Plenty! Since just about everyone has a smartphone these days, it’s ideal to start there for a fantastic entry into the tech world. When it comes to our phones, we look for things that are sleek and can handle our daily routine. Mom wants a phone that can handle little Timmy’s incessant abuse while playing games. Grandpa has gotten to where he drops his phone multiple times in a day. Susie wants a phone that doesn’t create a huge bulge in her back pocket while at a concert. Dan wants a phone that is lighter because he must carry it everywhere. Graphene sheets are perfect solutions to some of these issues! With graphene sheets, we can create tougher touchscreens. We can create a phone with a bend to it that will fit comfortably in a back pocket. Graphene can add strength to our phones so that Grandpa won’t break it when he drops it. Most importantly, we can create all phones to withstand the accidental drops into the toilet, bathtub, or sink. These sheets can essentially help us create a phone that will last a long time and eliminate the need to replace our phones often.

Let’s also consider the medical benefits of the graphene sheets! Graphene sheets are very sensitive so creating a thin bracelet that can monitor your blood pressure, breathing patterns, heart rate, and even detect any pain would be a fantastic help to the medical community. There is also a very tangible way to use the graphene sheets to help us self-heal. Imagine a bracelet that can detect broken skin or cracked skin and then works to apply artificial skin to heal it! Yes, it’s a possibility!

How Do I Get in On It?

As a startup, you have the unique position to find that application that you are most excited about and find a way to make it a reality! Look for that need that someone must fill and get your investors. If you think it will be hard to find those investors, I think you are probably wrong. Now, more than ever, people want to invest in products and services that will be major life-changers for us. If you have a great idea that is a tangible and possible solution, you will be able to find someone who is as excited as you are.

Graphene sheets are going to change the world. You really don’t want to be on the sidelines watching everyone else jump into the game. Get in there and lead the game! You will be glad you did and so will the rest of us.