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Techstars Announces METRO: 2nd Berlin Accelerator

It seems that we can’t even go a few days without mentioning Techstars again. On Tuesday, the Boulder-based group launched yet another international accelerator program: Techstars METRO. The new program, based in Berlin, Germany and , has a pretty unique theme. METRO will focus exclusively on the hospitality and food sector. The new program is a collaboration between Techstars, METRO, and R/GA:

The Techstars METRO Accelerator will run in conjunction with our partners METRO AG and its sales line METRO Cash & Carry, a leading international player in wholesale trade, focusing on the restaurant, hotel, and catering industries. The wholesale company strives to be championing the passion, creativity and flexibility of independent business. Our second partner is the digital agency R/GA with whom Techstars has already run two accelerator programs.1

Metro Techstars Announces METRO: 2nd Berlin Accelerator

For Techstars, METRO is the second Berlin-based accelerator announced within the year. Overall, METRO is the third international Techstars program, and the 17th overall program. The three-month Techstars METRO program will kick off in October of this year. The applications open on April 27, 2015.

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