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Techstars Seattle Announces 2014 Class


On Monday, Techstars announced the 10 startups that will make up the 5th class of Techstars Seattle. The admission into the Techstars accelerator comes with some funding:

These companies get $18,000 in seed funding. In addition, companies accepted into the program are offered a $100,000 convertible debt note by a group of prominent VCs immediately upon acceptance into Techstars.1

Techstars Seattle Executive Director Andy Sack made a few comments on the selection, and the number of companies that applied:

 This year we received over 600 applications for just 10 spots, making it harder than ever to get accepted. We generally saw more companies that were further along, who already had customers and revenue, but there were also a lot of companies who were just two founders and a great idea – no product, no revenue, no customers. Both are great. We accept all stages and we have.2

As far as the companies themselves, there are a few trends. Firstly, all but two are from the west coast. However, even though there was a major spike in applications from San Francisco, there was only one company selected from that city. Anyhow, here is the Techstars Seattle class of 2014:

Stand In (Portland, OR):
Stand In redefines how mobile apps are designed. Stand In takes design beyond static screens with tools for designing mobile experiences.

Crowsnest (Syracuse, NY)
Crowsnest is a software platform for the real world – simple code for controlling air conditioners, light bulbs, cameras and everything in between.

Garmentory (Seattle, WA)
Garmentory offers curated collections and rich shopping experiences from independent fashion boutiques across the world.

Colátris (Mountain View, CA)
Contextual Localization as a Service for mobile apps.

Live Stories (Seattle, WA)
LiveStories builds data tools for non-technical people.

Streamline (Stanford, CA)
Streamlining customer service: No more speaking to machines, no more wait time.

Touchbase (Seattle, WA)
TouchBase is a mobile platform that helps sales representatives manage and present the most effective marketing material.

Exploration Labs (San Francisco, CA):
Exploration Labs is making a tool for B2B sales teams that provides a cheat sheet on leads.

MagikFlix (Seattle, WA)
Magikflix is a safe, curated edutainment video service for kids, 12 years and younger available across all smart devices including iOS, Android, Microsoft app stores and leading kids tablets.

TrueFacet (New York, NY) is the authenticated luxury marketplace where you can shop and sell jewelry and watches with confidence. TrueFacet differentiates itself by offering buyers and sellers a trusted authentication process and best value guarantee.3

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