CES 2016 Techstars

Kymera bodyboard | CES Techstars Startup Stage Day 1

At the 2016 International Consumer Electronics Show, Techstars has taken over a huge block of space in Eureka Park and erected the “Startup Stage.” Techstars will be holding a bunch of different sessions and talks, but one of the main draws is a daily pitch contest, with the winners receiving $120K of Microsoft Azure Cloud Services Credits. Each day features startups from a different industry: day 1 is Mobility & Transportation, day 2 is IOT & Wearables, day 3 is Lifestyle & Digital Health.

startup-stage Kymera bodyboard | CES Techstars Startup Stage Day 1

There were a whole bunch of different startups pitching during day 1, so we will just hit the highlights. One of the more interesting companies to pitch on day one was Kymera. The company has created the Kymera bodyboard, which was one Shark Tank not too long ago. It is an electric, jet propelled body board. It is actually a bit funny, but Kymera was just about booed out of the Shark Tank, but they are now ramping up production. According to thier pitch, every time the episode re-airs, they see a major up tic in pre-orders, even though the Sharks all had harsh words. Anyhow, take a look at the Kymera bodyboard pitch from Wednesday’s Startup Stage Pitch Contest: