CES 2016 Techstars

SMARTwheel: Winner of Techstars CES Pitches Day 1

At the 2016 International Consumer Electronics Show, Techstars has taken over a huge block of space in Eureka Park and erected the “Startup Stage.” Techstars will be holding a bunch of different sessions and talks, but one of the main draws is a daily pitch contest, with the winners receiving $120K of Microsoft Azure Cloud Services Credits. Each day features startups from a different industry: day 1 is Mobility & Transportation, day 2 is IOT & Wearables, day 3 is Lifestyle & Digital Health.

startup-stage SMARTwheel: Winner of Techstars CES Pitches Day 1

During the pitch contest, there were several different products and companies aimed at helping drivers be safer, and more aware of their surroundings. The winner of the contest, SMARTwheel, was one such product. The SMARTwheel is an incredibly simple, yet creative approach to the problem of distracted driving. Rather than fancy eye tracking or other complex measurements, the SMARTwheel is quite simple:

Snap it onto any steering wheel. SMARTwheel installs in minutes, with no plugs, no cords, and no wires. It is made of vegan leather and is ergonomically designed for driver comfort.

Drive smarter with real-time feedback. Patented sensor technology encourages safe hand position, with lights and tones that alert drivers to common distracted driving behaviors—before a potential accident!1

Anyhow, here is the winning pitch from SMARTwheel, and the acceptance speech: