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Techstars Unveils 2017 Class

Techstars Chicago Director Logan LaHive Announces 2017 Cohort

techstars-chicago-mural Techstars Unveils 2017 Class

Back in February when the founder and CEO of Belly announced that he was joining Techstars Chicago as it’s Managing Director he said he wanted to be the Erlich Bachman of Chicago, a reference to comedian T.J. Miller’s, accelerator director character in the hit tv series, Silicon Valley. Like Miller, or Bachman, LaHive runs on the grittier side, this is more than just the “roll up your sleeves” get in the trenches, kind of guy. He’s looking for people to test limits all the time. For this cohort he was specifically looking for “bad” ideas.

Bad isn’t an acronym or anything like that, he truly means bad ideas, turning to a quote from Andreesen Horowitz co-founder Ben Horowitz. “The trouble with innovation is that truly innovative ideas seem like bad ideas at the time.” the hip hop loving venture capitalist says.

In that same introductory post in February, LaHive said all the right things, but if you ask anyone in the Chicago startup scene he has the experience, resume and the chutzpah to execute on it (I would have used another word but that whole thing going on in Silicon Valley we leave balls to playing sports games).

With all of that in mind, LaHive and Techstars Chicago have introduced their 2017 cohort.

4Degrees: Helps you build better professional relationships by identifying the right connections and empowering you to strengthen them over time.

Founders: Ablorde Ashigbi, David Vandegrift

Abode: Redefining home buying by connecting consumers to everything they need to buy a home in one place.

Founders: Kyle Stoner, Carson Junginger

Allie: A Slack bot for diversity and inclusion at work.

Founders: Emilie Hsieh, Simon Tam

AraJoy: Our AI & Computer Vision algorithms help sports teams by autonomously operating off-the-shelf drones to automatically film and interpret player-action for performance analysis.

Founders: Renji Bijoy, Brady Evans

Elemetric: Intelligent insights and automation platform to drive marketing and product decisions based on customer behavior.

Founder: Daniel Mason

Harbor: Guaranteed income to make the most of your retirement.

Founders: Nicholas Moy, Colin Sidoti, William Rueter

Jobeek: We help engineers discover opportunities and skills that will maximize their market value.

Founders: Maor Idan, Stav Sitnikov, Amit Hacohen, David Ben Shushan

Omelas: Aiding in asset protection for companies operating in volatile regions.

Founders: Evanna Hu, Ben Dubow

Paladin: Our platform takes the busy work out of pro bono so your team can focus on making an impact in your community.

Founders: Kristen Sonday, Felicity Conrad Custom promo products that people actually want to keep.

Founders: Joshua Orbach, Jeremy Parker

Find out more about Techstars Chicago here.