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Can Jeremy Parker and Josh Orbach Make Promotional Products Cool? Techstars Thinks So!

Is Making Promotional Products Cool?

swag-top Can Jeremy Parker and Josh Orbach Make Promotional Products Cool? Techstars Thinks So!

We were going to use the headline “Is making promotional products cool again” but then kind of thought about it and they’ve really never been that cool. I mean promotional products may seem cool when you’re gathering them at conferences like CES, ISTE and NPC, but really how cool are they?

Most promotional products peddlers aren’t very cool either. If you go to your local chamber of commerce networking event you’ll emphatically run into some guy or girl with a 1980’s style business card and five catalogs the size of telephone books. A lot of new business owners pour over the catalogs because they want to see their name on the latest frisbee, koozee, flash drive, or today fidget spinners.

So you can imagine our surprise when we were writing up the story about Techstars Chicago’s 2017 cohort and found that a promotional products company had made the cut. Even more surprising was that Techstars Chicago Managing Director Logan LaHive made it such a big deal to look for “bad” ideas. Did he take that literally when saying yes to Josh Orbach and Jeremy Parker?

The answer, a resounding no.

Parker and Orbach’s startup, simply called is eliminating that whole process described above. No more 1980’s style business cards, no more sweaty palmed sales people and no more telephone book sized catalogs. promises to make the promotional product process, easy. More than that though, they curate their promotional offerings to only the absolute best products avaialble. wants to make selecting promotional products a painless process but more than that they want to make it fun and exciting to buy swag. That’s because both Orbach and Parker understand the importance of good branding and buying the wrong promotional crap, is bad for a brand.

A company purchasing poor swag is not only throwing away their money, as no one will want it, they’re also smacking their own brand in the face.” Parker said on

They’re strategy is working as already has clients like Google, WeWork, Bravo, Virgin and Jolly Rancher.

Take a look at their site to see what the future of promotional products and promotional product purchasing, looks like.