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Wells Fargo Adds Two More Startups To Accelerator Program

New Jersey Startup Uniken and California Startup ProxToMe Selected For Wells Fargo Accelerator.

WellsFargo-top Wells Fargo Adds Two More Startups To Accelerator Program

Wells Fargo is the fourth largest bank in the United States. With nearly 2 trillion dollars in assets, the bank that started in 1852 has been cultivating startups in their accelerator program since 2014.

Wells Fargo wants startups to stand out from other startups. The Wells Fargo Startup Accelerator is a hands-on program designed to advance startups that create solutions for enterprise customers. With the latest additions to the program, the bank is exploring the Future of Security and Authentication.

There are eleven companies already in the program:

  • AlphaPaymentCloud
  • Bracket Computing
  • Context360
  • EyeVerify
  • Gridspace
  • Jewel Paymentech
  • Kasisto
  • Motionsavvy
  • Roostify
  • SpiceMachine
  • Zumigo

“Wells Fargo is always interested in innovative ideas that make banking faster, easier, smarter and safer — for our customers and the financial services industry,” said Steve Ellis, head of Wells Fargo’s Innovation Group. “Security is ever-changing and top-of-mind for financial services, and this collaboration with ProxToMe and Uniken helps us nurture innovation while continuing to build a better customer experience.”

These are the two new companies joining the program.

  • ProxToMe (San Francisco) provides proximity-based authentication for the Internet of Things. Its proprietary technology, based on Bluetooth, can replace traditional card-based authentication with a contactless, secure user experience. Unlike existing cardless technologies such as NFC and QR Code, ProxToMe provides a frictionless experience and cross-platform availability all in one solution.“Working with Wells Fargo allows us to significantly advance our work on new proximity-based identity assurance solutions,” said Carlo Capello, chief executive officer of ProxToMe. “The Startup Accelerator program is a launching pad for us to strategically address emerging needs of financial institutions and other fintech industry stakeholders.”
  • Uniken (New Jersey) is a cybersecurity software company that ensures customers’ digital channels have the controls required to survive zero-day attacks. Through customer friendly, continuous omni-channel authentication services combined with protection against failures of the OS and transport layer, Uniken completely eliminates credential compromise and man-in-the-middle attack risks. It provides one of the most advanced white-listed connectivity controls that reduces the attack surface of the digital channel, including encryption services for data in motion and persistent local storage.

Wells Fargo is still looking for more startups, if you’re focused on enterprise, banking, authentication or security you have until June 23rd to apply here. 

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