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New Amazon Web Services VP, Sandy Carter, Daughter Missing In Seattle Area

kassie-carter-allensworth-top New Amazon Web Services VP, Sandy Carter, Daughter Missing In Seattle Area

Kassie Carter Allensworth (17) is the daughter of Amazon Web Services VP Sandy Carter. She has been missing since Saturday evening (photo: Facebook)

Kassie Carter-Allensworth, Teen Daughter Of New Amazon Web Services Vice President Sandy Carter, Missing In Seattle Area

UPDATE: 11:00AM PST, 10/25/2017 Kassie and Chad have been located thanks for your help!

Chances are if you’re big into women in technology you’re familiar with the name Sandy Carter. She’s been a strong advocate for women and girls in technology, she’s a mentor and Chairman of the Board for Girls In Tech the San Francisco based organization that accelerates the growth of innovative women in the high tech industry and startups. Most recently, Carter joined Amazon as the Vice President of Amazon Web Services.

Carter relocated her family to the Seattle area earlier this year after accepting the position with the commerce giant. That included her seventeen year old daughter Kassie Carter-Allensworth.

Carter and her husband discovered that Kassie was missing early Sunday morning but believe she went missing sometime around 11:00pm on Saturday evening. Kassie’s personal belongings including her purse, backpack, credit cards, debit cards and phone charger were all located in her car.

She is believed to be missing with a 16 year old boy from Fall City Washington, Chad Chase. There are some reports on Facebook that Chase is Kassie’s boyfriend as well as this report from Patch. Chase allegedly went missing over the summer in June with a different girl who was eventually found unharmed.

The two were reportedly sighted around 6pm on Sunday evening. Carter wrote on Facebook that it is possible they are playing a game were teenagers go missing and dark for up to 3 days, however she believes with Kassie that’s not likely.

“They are still checking out if this has anything to do with the Facebook game going on to work in pairs and hide from your parents for 36-52 hours. We do not think this is the case but if anyone has any information on this we’d like to know.” Carter said on her Facebook page.

The Mercer Island Police upgraded this from a run-away to a missing person case, which is normal for that jurisdiction. Teenagers are reported as runaways for the first 24 hours, now that the time has lapsed the investigation was upgraded. Amazon’s internal security force is assisting in the investigation.

If you know anything about the whereabouts of Kassie Carter Allensworth or her teenage companion please call 206-275-7955.

Carter has given her entire career to helping girls and women in technology, please help her and her family as they search for her own daughter. Share this story far and frequently.