Android Generates $33 Billion And Oracle Still Wants Their Money

android_logo_transparent-1024x768 Android Generates $33 Billion And Oracle Still Wants Their MoneyIn a San Francisco court room on Wednesday Google’s lawyers urgently asked US District Judge William Alsup to redact and seal portions of a public transcript from Google and Oracle’s five year long trial over patent infringement. This case stems from Oracle’s hold on the Java patent load and Judge Alsup has been the presiding judge over the matter since the beginning, sans a “pitstop in the US Supreme Court”.

The public transcript reveals that Oracle has found that Google has made over $33 billion dollars from it’s Android platform with over $22 billion dollars in profit. Oracle’s lawyers believe that with numbers like those Google should owe them at lease $1 billion dollars.

Oracle is trying to demonstrate that Google was in a big rush to get Android to market and in that rush they used the Java platform without thinking about paying licensing fees to the database giant. The more money Google has made with Android, Oracle feels, means more money for them.

While the two companies battle it out in court, these findings seemed to actually work to Google’s advantage. James Cakmak an analyst with Monness Crespi Hardt & Co. told Bloomberg “It provides a framework on how to think about the monetization prospects on mobile for Google,” he added. “It makes Android much more tangible.” Thus of course putting the emphasis on the value of Android and not what the lawsuit payout will look like.

Often times the mainstream media ignores the size and success of Android. This $33 billion dollar figure is just further validation for the internet giant.