Apple To Release Find My Airpods

img_1112 Apple To Release Find My Airpods
Late last year when Apple released their new Bluetooth Airpods, they were all the rage. Sure there were Bluetooth earbuds already commercially available, but these were sleeker, louder, cleaner and better, of course, because they were made by Apple.

Since Apple released the Airpods they could easily command the $159 price tag that they come with. Apple had already prepared for people loosing their Airpods and offers a replacement pod for the low price of just $69. 

Now though, reports have surfaced that the company is preparing to rollout a “Find My Airpods” app.

Similar to the find my phone app, that can also be used for iPods and other devices on your iCloud account, this app will help people find their lost Airpod.

When synced with a phone that has location based services on, Find My Airpods will be able to locate them by the last location they were at. A report from Seeking Alpha suggests that, also like Find My iPhone, the app could cause the missing Airpod to omit a chirping sound.

One source claimed that it may actually be more effective then find my iPhone because most iPhone thieves know to turn the phone off the minute they snatch it. 

Assuming you only lost one Airpod and it was truly misplaced, this app could help people save thousands of dollars on replacement earbuds.