Apple CES 2016

Catalyst Shows Off Waterproof Apple Watch Case At CES 2016

catalyst-watch1 Catalyst Shows Off Waterproof Apple Watch Case At CES 2016Waterproof smartphone cases are becoming more and more common at CES. Of course that makes sense. Smartphones are our most important devices and we need them to be able to withstand a little rain, a drop in the pool or the ever so embarrassing drop in the toilet.

Arguably, the smart watch may have an even bigger need for a waterproof case. The smartphone goes everywhere with you, when you remember it. The smartwatch, or more specifically the Apple Watch goes with it’s users everywhere, even if you forget about it. Typically a person can make an alternate plan if their iphone is going to get soaked in monsoon like rains. The Apple Watch, not so much.

The Apple Watch also has other things to watch out for, like becoming fully submerged when doing the dishes, or if you have to stick your hand in the pool skimmer. Those things could ruin an Apple Watch, despite the fact that it’s “water resistant”.

Catalyst, has released a new waterproof Apple Watch case. Right now it’s only available for 42mm sized watches but they plan to offer one for the smaller Apple Watch as well.

While a couple companies seem to be working on the same concept, the folks at Catalyst have left no stone unturned when it comes to protecting your Apple Watch.

The case allows full functionality of the Apple Watch, even charging and monitoring hear beats and more.

The Catalyst Case for Apple Watch is available at