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3 Ways You Can Boost Your In-App Purchases

apps-top 3 Ways You Can Boost Your In-App PurchasesMost app developers don’t make money by charging people to buy their apps. Instead, they make most of their money through in-app purchases.

While you can set up advertisements in your app or charge a monthly subscription to use it, the in-app purchases method is still a direct pathway to making revenue.

People can easily become annoyed by advertisements in the app, and many may simply not be willing to make a monthly payment for a subscription. But something they may be more willing to pay for is extra features or upgrades that can enhance their already pleasant experience with the app.

 Here are the top three ways you can boost your in-app purchases: 

1 – Use In-App Messages To Promote Your Products

Perhaps the simplest way to let your users know that in-app purchases are available will be to send them in-app messages.

That being said, you will need to do more than simply send each user a message promoting a paid upgrade every once and a while. A far more effective tactic to greatly increase the odds of the user making a purchase will be to follow personalization.

 Personalization simply means that instead of sending a broad message to everyone, you instead promote specific products to specific users. All you need to do is look at the browsing and purchase history of your users, and you can then segment them into different brackets and market to them accordingly.  

2 – Offer The Base Version Of Your App For Free, Then Charge For An Upgrade

With this strategy, give your users plenty of time before you begin to promote your paid products or upgrades to them. Allow them to become comfortable with your app and to spend time with it without having to spend any of their money. 

After a while, if your user is still using the app, you can then promote your in-app purchases to them then to utilize the upgraded features of the app. Many gaming apps will follow this method. The app is free to download and the base version of the game is also free, but in order to get to the next level or score multipliers, you have to pay a small fee of $0.99 or so. 

3 – Promote Limited Time Offers

 Finally, people will always feel more compelled to buy something if it’s a limited time offer. You can easily use the same strategy for any of your in-app purchases.

 Take note that this strategy works best for users who are already making in-app purchases. You can also offer them an incentive to say yes to the offer now, such as offering a half-off rate on their next purchase afterwards.


Boosting Your In-App Purchases

Getting more in-app purchases to increase revenue with your app will require you to do more than just try and secure more downloads.

Rather, you need to take even more steps to help compel your users to make in-app purchases, and the ideas we have covered in this article are just three examples of such steps you can take.

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