Best Finance Apps for Your Smartphone

finance-apps Best Finance Apps for Your Smartphone

These days, your smartphone is pretty much your lifeline. Not only does it enable you to stay connected with your most important contacts, but it also serves as a miniature computer you carry around with you. There is literally an app for everything, including the area of finance. If you have concerns about your finances or simply want to be able to balance your spending while on the go, there are many apps you can download. Here are the best finance apps for your smartphone.


Qapital is a great free personal finance app for iPhone and Android that allows you save money for what you really want to buy. It uses your spending ways to make it easy to find ways to microsave, which allow you to have money set aside for your own personal goals. Your account through the app is FDIC-insured and is fully secure. Download the app at


Avant is lending company that allows you to get a fast online loan when you are in debt. It also offers a great smartphone app available for iPhone and Android that lets you keep on top of your loan no matter what your location. With it, you can complete your loan application and add any documentation still needed right from the app in the form of photos captured by your smartphone’s camera, receive notifications about your account, view your payment history and check upcoming payments toward your loan and more. Download the app at and



PayPal is a free app for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone that allows you to get paid or make payments right from your very own money account. You can receive funds, view your recent transactions and make purchases from certain online stores like eBay. If you are a freelance worker, chances are you will be required to have a PayPal account for getting paid. It is easy to use and convenient. Download the app at

Stash Invest

Stash Invest is available for iPhone and Android smartphones and costs $1 per month. It’s a great tool for individuals who are interested in getting started with investing. You can buy, sell and monitor your investment funds right from the app and begin with as little as only $5. The app is easy to use and is actually free for the first three months if you have under $5,000 in investments. Download the app

Each of these apps are helpful if you want to stay on top of your finances at a moment’s notice. You can benefit from checking out at least one or two of them.

  • Linda Vecvagare

    These are all very useful apps but personally I prefer using inBudget. It’s quite a new app but I absolutely love their public budget option. It’s a great way to keep track of your spendings + share your experience with others who might benefit from that. I did it during these Christmas holidays while travelling to Italy- the app helped me to keep track of my expenses but what is more, afterwards I could easily share it on my blog. One of my readers actually tried it out after being inspired by my ability to travel on a budget 🙂

  • Matt Jons

    I use Geltbox Money ( -automatic download from any website (banks,credit cards), high level of security (Your financial data is securely stored and encrypted only in your personal computer),
    When using Geltbox you don’t need to give your banking account numbers and passwords to a third party.
    Geltbox doesn’t use any third party Aggregation site (the user can aggregate his own data without exposing private data to any third party /web site).