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Eventually: Keep track of everything you want to do


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What is Eventually?

Eventually is your smart sidekick that remembers the places and things to visit and experience, movies and TV to watch, books you’ll read next and games you can’t wait to play. Add the things you want to make happen in Eventually and always know what you’ll be up to next. Even better, let us know just how interested you are when a new activity is added by turning on notifications. Next time you’re close by a new corner bar or one of your movies is finally available on Netflix, we will notify you. They say 2 is better than 1 so we’ve made it simple to share with other Eventually users natively or by text.

Why did you build Eventually? What problem are you taking on?

1. Remember things you want to do
How many times has a movie or restaurant been recommended to you, followed by you completely forgetting about it? Most people use physical notes, post-its or if they’re really advanced apps like OneNote, Wunderlist and Evernote to remember and store things they want to do. But do you remember what that was after you’ve added it. Was it a bar? Was it a restaurant? Where was it? Who told you about it?

We designed Eventually to be simple and clean so it’s easy to add and keep organized. You can spend your time doing rather than trying to remember. Everything you want to do becomes an “ely” in the app so you never forget.

2. One stop shop
Specialized apps like Foursquare, Yelp, Facebook Places, IMBD, Goodreads and apps alike exist but to remember a place, movie or book, you need at least 3 different apps. Thankfully, Eventually offers a single point of entry for all these platforms.

3. Make it happen
Writing down the name of a place or adding it to your favorites on Yelp is just the beginning. But do you check your list on a Friday night? When you’re sitting down to enjoy a movie with friends, how do you decide what to watch ?

Since Eventually is your smart sidekick, it’s incredibly easy to make decisions about what you want to do next. All your interests are summarized and ranked by the importance you’ve set. You get information from a variety of sources at the tap of your finger. You get smart notifications, like when you’re near a place you wanted to go to or when a movie is released at the cinema for you to enjoy.

Eventually takes the things you want to eventually do and and helps you make them happen.

4. Social/Community
When you’ve got a movie that you know your friends will enjoy, how do you let them know about it? Is it links to IMDB pages over Facebook messenger? Is it screenshots of a Yelp page?

Eventually makes sharing of all these things easy. No need to search through endless message history to find that book recommendation. Use the app to share “elys” with anyone you want. . Eventually is designed with a personal inbox so you don’t have to share it on Facebook. Your desires stay private and you choose what you want to share and with whom.

Tell us about your founding team and their backgrounds.

Robert Mogos:

I have been developing software since I was 14.

I moved to France just after high school, where I got my Masters degree in Computer Science specialized in Software architecture. During my Masters I worked for a handful of startups, building mobile apps for different companies like Nespresso, BestWestern, National Citer, P1 (Chinese social network), etc. I released my 2nd personal iOS app in 2011 (iSeries, 100k+ users).

After two years of working at Apple France as a software engineer and Amazon in Seattle I decided to move back to Paris and start my own company, Eventually, Inc.