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Everfest: building the festival community


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What is Everfest?

Everfest is building the world’s largest festival community, unconstrained by genre or geography, to connect people in shared experience.

The desktop experience focuses on exploration, discovery and connection before and after the festival. Then our mobile app fills in the day-of experience, and will be the last festival app you will ever need.

Who is your target user?

Anyone who likes festivals! Or doesn’t know they do and want to discover new experiences.

The current worldwide festival explosion is being driven by millennials, and we definitely market towards that segment. But we want to build a platform that is truly inclusive.

Why did you build Everfest? What problem are you taking on?

There is an isolation brought on by our newfound reliance on social media, such that people are now searching for authentic experiences in real life. Festivals are a mass manifestation of that, and we want to accelerate it.

With mobile, we saw festivals shelling out tens of thousands of dollars to outsource app development, only to watch attendees delete them immediately after the festival. Then they’d have to pay for development again the next year. That doesn’t make a ton of sense, and our app will fix that, along with some innovative takes on the festival app experience. We did a private test at Euphoria Music & Camping Festival here in Austin and will be launching the app publicly soon.

How is Everfest different from what is currently available?

Our product is both comprehensive and technology-first, whereas most festival offerings out there either focus on a niche, usually music, or don’t have the modern look and feel that today’s audience expects.

Our app is currently free for qualified festival organizers, which is a huge differentiator, but the technology is also rock solid, won’t drain your battery and will have the benefit constant improvement via iteration that you don’t get with one-off app development.

Tell us your founding story. Was there an “ah ha” moment?

Paul Cross initially conceived the Everfest idea staring at a sea stack overlooking Sandwood Bay, Scotland, pondering the sheer breadth of festivals that appeared over a twenty year period. Paul got in touch with friend, fellow reveler and now fellow co-founder Jay Manickam, and after some digging they realized they were onto something.

Tell us about your founding team and their backgrounds.

Our founding team comes from mainstays of the Austin startup scene. Paul Cross is the founder of Ticketbud, while Jay Manickam is a co-founder of uShip, Startup Games and Vulcan Gas Company, among other things. Brad Dixon also comes from uShip where he was VP of Marketing. All have deep experience in the startup and tech worlds.