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Forca The Complete Mobile Fitness Training App To Debut At CES

Forca-Top Forca The Complete Mobile Fitness Training App To Debut At CESBy Sunday morning millions of Americans will resolve to get more fit for 2017. There are thousands of products on the market now to help with that. There are also hundreds of mobile fitness apps in both the Google Play store and the iTunes app store.

Forca, a new mobile fitness app, will debut next week at CES. Forca is the brain child of Mark Arceneaux. The creator was fed up with all of the other fitness apps on the market because they failed at bringing his whole fitness regimen to one place. Add to that his frustration with online fitness trainers that would forget the plans they had set in action the previous week.

“After spending some time working with a trainer via email, he had forgotten all of the changes we had made and began suggesting changes that had already taken place. Our relationship was a disorganized mess, and I decided right then that there has to be a better way.” Arceneaux said of his online fitness trainer.

Forca is designed to incorporate diet, supplementation, exercise, and personal training into one convenient app. It’s also designed to incorporate data from Scio the palm sized molecular sensor, Smart Diet Scale, Apple Watch and Fit Bit. Tying all of these data points together gives the user a better picture of their entire fitness plan.

Arceneaux designed Forca to be full service and help users track their on going fitness plans.

“With the rise in popularity of social media-based fitness personalities across the globe, online trainers have become increasingly common while an effective full-service means to them to work with clients has remained frustratingly unavailable. Meanwhile, studies have shown that ongoing relationships and accountability are critical for fitness success. Forca is posed to dominate this market as the only effective platform for clients to develop active, ongoing relationships with their personal trainers. It will also offer fitness trainers a unique marketing and earning opportunity, allowing them to upload meal plans and workouts which users can pay to access before ultimately deciding whether to enlist a trainer’s full services.” The company said in a release.

Can Forca do all they say it can? If you’re attending CES you can find out at Eureka Park booth 50236. Forca is set to debut to the public later in 2017 and eager fitness buffs can request beta access here.