36/86 Apps Raleigh Startup Contest

FotoSwipe: Quickly swap photos with people around you

There are a lot of different ways to share photos and videos. Most of these methods involve going to a website, uploading the photos/videos somewhere, or simple texting or emailing the photos/videos. This is not too much of a hindrance generally, but the whole process seems arbitrary when the person you are sharing the media with is in the same room. Well, during 36/86 we were able to see a company that makes sharing with people around you incredibly easy: FotoSwipe.

FotoSwipe-Head FotoSwipe: Quickly swap photos with people around you

With FotoSwipe, users can share photos, photo albums, videos, and video albums with people around you with a flick of your finger. What’s more, the app work for both iOS and Android, allowing you to easily swap photos between the two. Actually using the app is incredibly simple:

Place two phones next to each other and launch FotoSwipe on both phones. Tap and hold the photo you want to share and drag it from your phone’s screen to the other phone’s screen. The photo will be copied instantly.1

How-Foto FotoSwipe: Quickly swap photos with people around you

During 36/86, we had a chance to check out FotoSwipe during the quick pitch session. Below is a video of the pitch. Check out FotoSwipe.com from more info, or download from iTunes App Store or Google Play Store.