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Gameit: Mobile trivia for real prizes

Who doesn’t love free stuff. Well, here at TechCrunch Disrupt NY, we just had the chance to speak with a startup that specializes in giving away free stuff. Gameit has built a pretty unique platform. Gameit is a mix between shopping, gaming/trivia, and sweepstakes. Users log into the app and are shown different items across a wide variety of categories. Users then select an item and watch a short promotional video. After the video, users are prompted to answer 10 questions. Here is the good part. The user who answers the questions most accurately and timely receives the item for free. Beyond the winner, ever user who takes the quiz wins anywhere from a 10-65% discount.

Gameit-app-1024x455 Gameit: Mobile trivia for real prizes

gameit makes advertising a part of the mobile gaming experience, rather than an interruption, by building trivia games around branded videos and giving consumers a chance to win the featured product. Players are provided with 5,000 free coins from gameit to start, which they can use to gain access to specific games and prizes. With every correct answer, users earn more in-app coins. The top scorer in each game wins the product for free, but everyone who plays gains access to a deal on the item – ranging from 10 to 65 percent off, depending on how well they do in the game. Players can also “steal” the top spot from their competitors, using their coins to play additional games and capture the win. Thanks to gameit’s new built-in m-commerce capabilities, consumers can make their purchase from directly within the app.1

Just a little while ago, we had the chance to speak with the Gameit team here at TC Disrupt. We learned a bit more about the app and some of the prizes: