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Gonogo: Replacing receipt-based customer feedback

Customer feedback can be one of the most influential factors in any business decision. For some business and executives, it is one of the only factors. That said, soliciting customer feedback is a tough task. Take the case of fast food companies. Just about every single receipt you get from a fast food restaurant has a link or a phone number to call to take a survey. Customers who take these surveys are often rewarded with a free menu item, or an entry into a drawing or contest of some sort.

Now think about this. Have you ever taken one of these surveys? If so, have you ever won one of these drawings or contests? The statistics would say that you most likely answered no to both questions. These fast food companies, or really any company that utilizes a similar method, are missing out on tons of valuable feedback. Well, we had a chance to speak with a One Spark Creator that is looking to change this: Gonogo.

Gonogo has built a platform that dramatically reduces the time and effort it takes for customers to provide feedback. In addition to simplifying the task itself, Gonogo has also improved the rewards process. Here is how it works: a customer takes a picture of their receipt with Gonogo’s app; the customer is then prompted to answer a few yes or no (go or no go in this case) questions about their purchase and experience; the users are then rewarded directly trough their phone with things like gift cards or discounts:

Gonogo-process1 Gonogo: Replacing receipt-based customer feedback

Gonogo is a business-minded survey and analytics app that replaces the current way companies solicit feedback from customers. On almost any receipt, you’ll see an offer to complete a survey for a reward. Yet research shows participation rates are very low because the current process is too cumbersome and demands too much from the customer. Gonogo aims to keep the process simple and offer real rewards.1

We had a chance to speak with the Gonogo team during One Spark. The guys told us a bit more about the idea behind the platform, as well as how it actually works:

  • Jake

    This is a great idea! You give your customers incentive for their opinion and the whole programme has a game-like feeling to it because of the points. A great alternative way of gathering feedback are review collecting companies. Ekomi and Bazaarvoice both offer great solutions to help you monitor customer satisfaction in real time and to keep your finger on the pulse when problems arise.

    In my opinion this is the best way of monitoring your clients’ satisfaction as it offers a long-term insight into your product’s performance and most importantly – brings you more responses.