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GrapeGuru: Personalized wine recommendations

A lot of people, myself includes, enjoy the occasional glass of wine. The problem is, while I have a vague idea of the sorts of wine I prefer, I have no idea how to describe or hunt down wine that I enjoy. There is so much variety, even within the same grape, that two different brands of, say, Riesling have completely different flavor profiles. Sure, variety is the spice of life, but how many times have you bought a bottle of your favorite style of wine, only to find that you do not like it. Well, we had the chance to speak with a One Spark Creator that is helping consumers find out more about wine varieties, as well as find out more about their own palates: GrapeGuru.

GrapeGuru1 GrapeGuru: Personalized wine recommendations

GrapeGuru is in the process of building out a smartphone and web app that learns users’ tastes and formulates wine recommendations. The whole idea behind the app is that each person has a completely unique palate, and that there is no one-size-fits all in wine:

Using our app, consumers will identify their unique flavor profile and receive suggestions for suitable wines at their current location that best match their preferences. This will take the intimidation factor away from the buying experience and eliminate the frustration of buying a bottle that is not enjoyable to drink. In addition, our app will help consumers learn how to talk about wine, identify the flavor attributes that are important for their taste preferences, and provide assistance to guide their personal wine discovery journey.1

GrapeGuru-App-1024x698 GrapeGuru: Personalized wine recommendations

The application is pretty straightforward, but provides users with a huge amount of insight. When using the app for the first time, users are prompted to fill out a flavor profile. This profile asks all sorts of questions about your personal preferences. Using this information, the app will provide you with a few different wine recommendations. But that is not all. The app learns more as you use it. Once you try one of GrapeGuru’s recommendations, or any wine for that matter, you can go in and rate the wine with the same simple type of questionnaire. All of a users rating feed back into their flavor profile, thus giving GrapeGuru more information from which to recommend wines.

We had a chance to speak with the GrapeGuru team at One Spark. We learned a bit more about the app and the recommendation service:

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