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HaGoMeDo: Bringing the 5 star ranking to everything


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What is HaGoMeDo?

HaGoMeDo’s algorithms rank the people doing the ranking.
In other words, “Do they know what they’re talking about?!”

Who is your target user?

HaGoMeDo’s ideal users are people who share the things, places & activities they like online, and are interested in being up to date on those things and associated trends.

Why did you build HaGoMeDo? What problem are you taking on?

HaGoMeDo believes it’s time to supplant the 5 star ranking system found everywhere.

When we look at restaurants and hotels on TripAdvisor, at music on iTunes, at products on Amazon, at thousands of different websites and apps, we see the same 1-5 star rating system. But who are the people that give those ratings? How much do they know?

HaGoMeDo ranks people in their various areas of interest, and then rates the rankings they give to different things.

This reflects the real life dynamics we are all familiar with. We all know someone who is in tune with something, for example: bars. And we can ask them what are the best bars to go to now…

These are the people in the know. And the ratings they give have more weight than those of other people. Leading to a much more reliable ranking of the things each of us is interested in; what’s trending, what’s popular, and what’s less worthy.

HaGoMeDo is derived from:
HAve stuff GO places MEet people DO things

How is your product different from what is currently available?

For the first time ever, people are being ranked, in the things that interest them

Tell us your founding story. Was there an “ah ha” moment?

Everything is determined by fashions and trends. The food we eat, the music we hear, the sports we do, the places we go to, the people we hear about…

Some of us are more in tune with certain fashions and trends and some of us less so. But we are all part of a vast, ever changing network.

This was the realization I had a couple of years ago, and it led me to develop HaGoMeDo, a new startup that ranks people in the things in their lives: who’s more in the know and who is less so. And it ranks all those things, places and activities in our lives: what’s trending, what’s popular, and what’s tagging behind.

Tell us about your founding team and their backgrounds.

Currently there is only a single founder, myself, Shlomo Shaul, originally an architect, avid student all of my life, and enthusiastic business entrepreneur.