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Microphone Rocks: A New Video Recording Platform

Microphone Rocks

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What is Microphone Rocks?

In this new era of using smart devices, it is very popular to shoot videos and take photos. People are constantly shooting beautiful moments from their life, taking interviews, parents recording kids, actors shooting their monologs, students recording lectures, kids shooting themselves or cats 🙂 and share with friends and subscribers. So, the main point in shooting a great video is to have perfect quality sound, with convenient automatic synchronization of video and audio.

But problem is: The sound is always low and there is a lot of background noise (if there is no separate microphone) !

There are already various solutions to this problem, however you will need an external transmitter with a microphone and a good editing program which can add up to a few hundred dollars. We have eliminated the need to use an editing program on a computer and the purchase of an external transmitter with a microphone.

With our app, you do not have to think about combining the video and audio, because the app automatically does it for you! Everything can be done using your mobile smart phone, without the need of a computer.

We started to think what is the solution, in order to shoot video at a distance and at the same time have quality sound.

Right! The most convenient would be if two devices would be connected to each other over bluetooth or wifi, and sound will be transferring in real time and combined automatically with video!!!

So, almost 10.5 months our team was working on this project. We have chosen a group of professionals, combined experience from the past, in order to build this convenient app for everyone.

This project will be beneficial for everybody!!!

We have created application (patent pending) that working in test mode on both Android and iOS systems.

Why did you build Microphone Rocks? What problem are you taking on?

We wanted to make that everyone have an opportunity to shoot semi professional videos, without involving any additional equipment like microphones, transmitters, special editing programs to combine video and audio (what requires skills and a lot of time). So, the main problem was to create something that does it automatically, but we did it!

Tell us your founding story. Was there an “ah ha” moment?

For the story please check out our video here:

Tell us about your founding team and their backgrounds.

Argo Brothers Inc. is versatile company founded by two brothers, Eduard Suleyman and Vladislav Suleyman. Where the main partner in educational devision is Anayet Chowdhury.

Eduard Suleyman obtained his Masters of Art in Business and Management at the University of Westminster. He served as the Head of Communication and Marketing Department at the National Institute of Deep Research Market for two years where he gained significant experience working with innovative techniques in business expansion. Eduard has held various positions throughout his career including Director General and Chief Accountant in investment companies such as Muskat Plus. As an innovator and businessman, Eduard has introduced the technology of ECO Cleaning Systems in Central Asia. In addition, he has also been a negotiator between the World Health Organization and Serum Institute of India to supply vaccinations for measles and rubella. Recently, Eduard has dipped his feet into the world of real-estate, and continues to manage multiple businesses. He is Founder of education company Einstein Academy of Innovative Learning. And Microphone Rocks is being the newest, but definitely the most important one.

Vladislav Suleyman graduated from the University of Westminister at the top of his class with a Bachelors of Arts in Business Administration. As a co-founder of and, Vladislav is incredibly versatile and a deeply philosophical thinker. He is also a highly-skilled web designer and data base developer, that has helped build whole system for Einstein Academy Academy of Innovative Learning. In addition, Vladislav is a talented video and audio technician, and is the man behind the idea and managing process of Microphone Rocks Project.

Anayet Chowdhury, Founder of Einstein Academy of Innovative Learning has been teaching professionally for the past four years. Despite his young age, Anayet has already made great strides in the field of biology. While still an undergraduate, he has had several full-time job offers to teach at private high schools. At the mere age of 18, he was hired by the Department of Education to be a teacher’s assistant in AP Biology and Physics at Frederick Douglass Academy High School. His innate ability to capture his students attention is extensive, challenging his students from every angle. Serving as a mentor and an educator, Anayet has helped students gain acceptance into some of the top colleges in the country, including Columbia, Stanford and Cornell. Furthermore, Anayet has also prepared a number of students over the last year for the Specialized High School Admission Test (SHSAT), in which all 7 of his students were accepted into specialized schools. Anayet’s strong foundation in academics traces back to his high school where he worked alongside distinguished professors from Princeton and Columbia University. He was also fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with one of the world’s leading immunologists in immunotherapy for cancer, Dr. Michel Sadelain. This opportunity furthered Anayet’s interest in Biology, and helped him narrow and hone his project, “The use of siRNA’s in PD-1 Silencing”, which he won multiple nationwide first place awards. Through his undergraduate studies, he studied virology and had the privilege to meet President Obama. His undying zeal for science translates directly into his teaching. Not only has he helped high school students, he has also taught pre-med students seeking admission into Medical school. Anayet is currently in the works of writing a textbook for the new 2015 MCAT’s. Currently he is completing his BA/MS in Biotechnology at Hunter College. In his spare time, Anayet likes to sing and play both guitar and piano.

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