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Parking Panda makes parking even easier with PandaScan

Last week, we took a look at Streetline and a few different parking apps and services. In that article, we briefly mentioned Parking Panda. Since then, we have learned that the company just launched a brand new product, PandaScan. Before we jump into PandaScan, here is a quick rundown of Parking Panda.

Parking-Panda-App-1024x365 Parking Panda makes parking even easier with PandaScan

As you can probably guess from the name, Parking Panda is an app and web platform that allows users to find and reserve parking spots. Bryan Lozano, Parking Panda’s Partner Account Manager, gave us a quick summary of the service in an email:

Parking Panda offers the best consumer parking experience by combining innovative mobile technology, live parking availability intel and payment automation. In real-time and on-the-go or months in advance, the Company’s free mobile apps, website, and desktop application provide an efficient and easy way for drivers to find and reserve guaranteed parking spaces at parking lots, garages and valets in their city – with savings up to 70%.

Parking-Panda-Event-and-Locations1-1024x443 Parking Panda makes parking even easier with PandaScan

There are a few things that really separate Parking Panda from other similar products. As you can see above, Parking Panda’s platform allows users to search for parking based on particular events and venues throughout the city.

On the parking garage/partner side, Parking Panda provides, as Lozano told us, “comprehensive administrative platform that’s easy to control and provide real-time analytics and reporting.” This is a win win. The parking lots get a sort of built in marketing and sales feature, along with detailed analytics; users get access to hundreds of different parking garages, and get the ability to search using a wide variety of amenities and features. Parking Panda just made the parking experience even easier, for all parties involved.

PandaScan Parking Panda makes parking even easier with PandaScan

On April 16, 2015, Parking Panda announced PandaScan. The newplatform makes it even easier for users to park, and for garages to keep track of their inventory.

Parking Panda, the nation’s leading app for on-demand parking in over 40 cities nationwide, today announced the launch of PandaScan, a cloud-based solution that integrates cutting-edge scanning hardware technology with its digital and mobile parking platform. PandaScan scanner units have been installed at select partner parking facilities throughout San Francisco, Boston, Washington, D.C., Baltimore, and Minneapolis, with plans to further expand throughout the year.1

When going to lots or garages with PandaScan, the process is even faster. Users find and book parking, the same as before, but it cuts out one step. Now, instead of finding an attendant or a payment machine, users just have to scan a QR code when exiting or entering. Here is a quick video showing the process. Check out for more info.

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    Love to see the parking industry really booming! My personal favorite parking application is SpotHero. Definitely another company that scores the cheapest parking prices for customers.