Snapchat Fights Back With Enhanced Search

Snapchat Responds To Instagram Stories, With Search

Snapchat-new-search Snapchat Fights Back With Enhanced Search

It seems the blogsphere has been all about some Instagram lately. Earlier this week the Facebook owned photo company said they had 150 million daily users on their stories platform. That’s a wild number considering stories was launched in August, as Instagram’s numbers were starting to falter.

With the announcement of 150 million users on stories, Instagram also announced that they would start placing ads in the stories feature.

We can only imagine how all of this news is sitting with Evan Spiegel and the folks at Snapchat.

Snapchat has responded with an overhaul to the search function within the app.

Soon you’ll start to notice the persistent presence of the Snapchat search bar across just about everything that is Snapchat. They are hoping it doesn’t become an annoyance, but rather a tool to help you quickly find your friends and topics that interest you.

You’ll be able to search anywhere within the updated Snapchat app and start a “Quick Chat”. The new “Quick Chat” menu will feature icons that represent the friends you chat with most. There will also be a new row of cards for the friends you chat with the most as well. Once you find the card you’re looking for you can instantly chat with that friend.

Also, within the “Our Story” feature, Snapchat has eliminated the need to be in a certain geographic location to add to the story. For example, next Friday is the inauguration, you won’t have to be in Washington DC to submit to the inauguration story.

By design Snapchat began as an anonymous chatting platform. That meant that it wasn’t going to be easy to make new friends. Snapchat has always been about chatting with the friends you already have. TechCrunch’s Josh Constine contents that the company may need to look at making user discoverability a little easier. Many agree.  Anonymous messaging is a double edged sword, just ask Yik Yak.