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Tagillion: A Platform for Brands to Endorse Content

While we were at TechCrunch Disrupt NY a few weeks ago, we had the chance to meet with a bunch of different startups. One of the more interesting companies we were able to speak with was Tagillion. The Las Vegas based company has some pretty bold aspirations.

Tagillion is a social-ish network that allows individuals to earn money from their photos. More or less, it allows individuals to quickly become brand ambassadors for businesses. The founder and CEO of Tagillion – Damon Nam whom we spoke to at TC Disrupt, video below – shared a little bit about the new network in a LinkedIn post:

Tagillion is an innovative and simple social platform that enables businesses to connect with influencers to establish incentivized partnerships together. We’ve been working hard over the past few months to develop our platform and would like to invite you to experience it.1

Tagillion-1-1024x372 Tagillion: A Platform for Brands to Endorse Content

Though the platform is currently in a closed beta, Damon told us a bit about how it will work. In a nutshell, users post images to and share from the Tagillion platform. Users’ images can then be endorsed by brands. Once content is endorsed by these brands, the original poster is provided a pre-determined monetary amount for every click through and share of the image.

We had a chance to speak with Damon about the platform, and when it will be released:

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