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Testin: Mobile Crash Analytics


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What is Testin?

Testin is the first and leading real-device automated cloud testing platform that creates and maintains a streamline development ecosystem, offers users excellent mobile experience, and provides developers the tools and services necessary to ensure app quality and security.

Why did you build Testin? What problem are you taking on?

Nowadays, start ups with high quality apps aren’t enough; you have to be quick as well. To guarantee quality apps for the users, one has to thoroughly test them. That takes up time, as well as capital, things that start ups usually do not have much of. To combat this, Testin was created to support developers and act as a one-stop-shop for QA testing needs. We have the over 6000 real devices that do automated tests to combat the growing fragmented mobile market and as well as a crash analytic tool to help track the app once it is live.

How is Testin different from what is currently available?

Other companies have compatibility testing, functionality testing, load testing, etc. What Testin is however, is a platform dedicated to mobile testing needs. We have products that cover all of those tests mentioned above and are constantly working on expanding our product portfolio and directly address developer QA issues.

Tell us your founding story. Was there an “ah ha” moment?

Before starting Testin in 2011, the founders were creating a value added service (VAS) app. In order to prepare the app for the 2008 Olympic Games, the team spent a lot of time and resources on compatibility testing. At that time, the CEO, Wang Jun, realized the value of creating a service that could help developers greatly decrease their QA time and help optimize the overall app development process. After their company was bought, the Wang Jun pitched the idea to the rest of the team and went full speed into Testin. The vision expanded as Testin grew, and the testing capabilities became larger and more thorough.