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Thingthing Keyboard: The multi-tasking keyboard

Thingthing Keyboard

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 What is Thingthing Keyboard?

Thingthing Keyboard is a 3rd party keyboard for iOS. It gives you a fast access to your files from Dropbox, Google Drive. And it’s not only about files. It’s about whatever you want to share. Photos, videos, lists,… everything you have on your device, Instagram, Facebook, Pocket, etc. It also has a built-in calendar to quickly check and plan your meetings, send invitations and share events.

Who is your target user?

iOS lovers, busy professionals, Startup CEOs, millennials and more!

Why did you build Thingthing ? What problem are you taking on?

Multitasking on your smartphone is still too tedious, too time-consuming. That’s what Olivier felt when he was answering to an email from Jose. His response required two actions: to check whether he was available for a meeting on a specific day and to share a file with him. As simple as it may sound, the process of switching between apps, from email to calendar to dropbox to email again, was slow and frustrating. It was the whole switching that bothered him. It didn’t feel right. Shouldn’t multitasking be agile instead of clumsy and sluggish? That’s the problem Thingthing Keyboard is fixing. Our solution is taking all the switching between apps off the picture so we can do more.

How is Thingthing different from what is currently available?

Thingthing Keyboard is the fastest and most enjoyable way to share your digital things while chatting and emailing.

Tell us your founding story. Was there an “ah ha” moment?

Olivier (Co-founder & CEO) has been doing user-centered design with Forbes 100, 500 companies. Helping them innovate. Jose (Co-founder & CDO) was formerly at Signaturit, Incubio startup incubator, StartupBootCamp alumni and involved in several startups and projects. We are doers. Designers, coders and marketers. A small team that loves to build stuff that people really want to use. We work together because we share a common belief: content should always be accessible in the easiest possible way. No distractions, no complications. Just smoothly reachable content to help you do more.