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Timble: tracker and productivity tools for teams


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 What is Timble?

Timble is a super easy to use time tracker and productivity tool designed for IT teams. It’s a hub, which aggregates tasks and projects from multiple external tools. Timble helps developers organize their everyday work, minimizes distractions and takes the hassle out of time tracking and reporting. Teams using Timble have repeatedly shown a 15% increase in productivity.

Who is your target user?

developers, project managers, IT professionals, software houses, programmers

Why did you build Timble? What problem are you taking on?

66% of IT projects either fail or end up over budget. At least 1.5 out of 10 work hours are lost due to ineffective work scheduling and reporting. The problem is that modern teams use multiple tools for project management – JIRA, Basecamp,Trello, Asana, Podio…, often simultaneously. Information gets scattered and it becomes virtually impossible to track project progress in real time.

Tell us about your founding team and their backgrounds.

Dominik Goss, CEO, has 9 y experience in running a software house. Krzysztof Karolczak, COO, has 8y experience in design of productivity solutions. For over 9 years now we’ve been working with tech companies around the world,
helping put out fires in their IT projects. Close to 70% of all IT projects fail or go over budget. I’ve seen that over and over again. Main reason? Lack of control and mistakes made early on and never corrected. We thought, there must be a way to do it better. We started a software house and using our experience – created a tool to make sure our projects will stay on time and track. And that’s how Timble came to life.