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YouRoam – WiFi calls and messaging with your own number

Last summer, we had a chance to check out an YouRoam, ingenious new app that lets users make calls and send texts over WiFi. There are a lot of similar services, but YouRoam is pretty unique in that it lets you make all of these calls and text with your own phone number. Other companies, most notably WhatsApp, offer nearly the same service, but without the use of your own phone number.

YouRoam YouRoam - WiFi calls and messaging with your own number

Since we last spoke with the team, YouRoam has hit some significant milestones. First and foremost, the company has more than doubled its user base to more than 425,000 users in 190 different countries. A large segment of this expansion has to do with the startup’s new approach. Not that YouRoam was not concerned with them before, but the company has made a major push to go after a few different user segments that could greatly benefit from their service.

First, YouRoam has mad a strong push into the cruise line space. If you have ever been on a cruise, you know that cell service can get a bit absurd, with roaming prices ranging anywhere from $1.00 to upwards of $10.00 a minute. Another segment that the company has began targeting is business travelers. The company has partnered with a telecom provider, and YouRoam now works in more than 4,000 corporate jets.

During SxSW, we were able to have a quick chat with the team and learned a bit more about what the company has been up to: